Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Photo taken in September 2012 on Jacob's Ladder trail climbing to Lone Peak.

My wife and I will be hiking the Grand Canyon this weekend with a couple of friends before hearing a friend give his final lecture in Phoenix.  There is something about ascending a mountain that is symbolic. I especially like to start very early in the morning while it is still dark in order to be on the summit to watch the sunrise.  I am excited to hike this weekend, since we have never hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon before.

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders. It is the largest land gorge/gulf in the world.  We will be descending down over 5000 feet (a vertical mile ) and camping at bottom of the canyon. We will then wake up early in the morning to ascend back to the top.  Near our campsite there have been kivas found dating back to as early as 1050 which were used by Native Americas.  A kiva is a room used for religious rituals. Among the modern Hopi, and most other Pueblo peoples, kivas are square-walled and underground, and are used in their spiritual ceremonies.

This hike will be different than all other hikes we have been on. On this hike, you descend first, and then hike up and ascend last. Also, at the beginning of the hike the temperature is cooler and as you hike down it gets hotter. Instead of your destination point at the top of the mountain, it is at the bottom. Your view is looking up at the wonder, instead of looking down.

Here is a beautiful video of part of the hike.


Unless you have been to the Grand Canyon, you can not appreciate or understand the great gulf that exists between the two sides of the canyon. However, this is small compared to the great gulf that exists between us on Earth and our Father in Heaven, between the foolishness of man and the holiness of God. 

Today more than ever there are great gulfs that are being created. There is a great gulf that exist between those who claim to speak FOR God and those who actually speak WITH God.  There is a considerable gulf between knowing the gospel of Christ and actually living it. There is a  tremendous gulf between what is required to build and live in Zion and the direction we are actually headed as a people. There are gulfs that exist inside families and between husband and wives.

The gulf that separates us from God can only be bridged by His Son, Jesus Christ. The gulf that separates us from Zion requires us to KNOW HIM.. and not just know ABOUT HIM. Until all shall know the Lord, who remain, even from the least unto the greatest, and shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, and shall see eye to eye, and shall lift up their voice, and with the voice together sing this new song, saying: The Lord hath brought again Zion. D&C 84:98