Wednesday, April 28, 2021


A friend of mine forwarded an email to me that he received from his Bishop this week. This official correspondence from his Stake Church Leaders stated that fathers no longer have permission to bless the sacrament in their own home. They must return to partake of the Sacrament in their ward building even as the mandate to still wear masks is still in force.

"In our priesthood leadership meeting yesterday, President [XXXXX ] noted that the blanket authorization allowing the sacrament to be administered in homes in our stake has been discontinued. If you are not yet comfortable returning to our sacrament services and would like the sacrament in your home, please reach out to the bishop."
"For all of our in-person sacrament services and classes, we ask that everyone continue wearing face coverings, as instructed by our Area Presidency."

It saddens me that the Church is no longer allowing  the ability for priesthood holders to bless the sacrament for their families in some stakes in Utah. As a father, I have the responsibility to minister to my wife and children and provide for their spiritual needs. Giving blessings such as Father's blessings, Priesthood Blessings of Comfort/Healings as well as blessing the Sacrament have been an important part of our own family's spiritual needs during this unprecedented time. We have preferred holding Home Church instead of being forced to wear masks to Church. Our neighbor told us that someone in our ward attended Church last week not wearing a mask. After the meeting started, the presiding Stake President asked that the official Church policy of wearing face masks to be read over the pulpit calling out the offender. 

I am sure the Church has their reasons to gain back the control over who can bless the sacrament. Until our Stake Leaders no longer permit the sacrament to be blessed in homes, I have been grateful for opportunity.

I remember a friend telling me that it is usually a sign of fear that people exercise control over others. However, the more you attempt to control others, the likelihood of losing them is greater. For example, if you want to hold as much water in our hands as possible, the best thing to do is hold both hands open with as little grasping of the water as possible. The more one clenches to hold onto the water, the less water you will retain.   

We would to well to remember what the Lord said in D&C 121 about how exercise the Priesthood.

Sidenote: I read a footnote that other day of what the word 'dominion' means. We hear that word a lot in the scriptures and in the Temple. I have always connected the word to be mean.. 'to rule over or be dominate'. However, the below new insight I think is beautiful. Hopefully all of those men who think they have right of "dominion" will have a better understanding now of what that truly means. 

"The word “dominion” and the word “domicile” come from the same root. A domicile is a place set in order, arranged, planted with a yard and garden, and everyone and everything having a place for occupancy. Something made beautiful and aesthetic by the effort (or husbandry) of the residents. That image of “husbandman over a domicile” was what God conferred on Adam when he was given dominion over the entire creation. So Adam (and his posterity) were charged to do something much different with this creation than what mankind has done. We rather brutalize it into submission. We are more vandals and raiders than husbandmen to the earth."