Thursday, September 1, 2016


 A friend of mine sent me a video a few weeks ago taken from a security camera at Utah Lake's marina. The video is uneventful for the first 15 seconds, but you will then see a huge mass of alga sweep into the marina. 

My friend  pointed out that no one even notices…they just keep coming and going totally unaware….you can see swimmers, parasailers, and paddle boarders in the distance totally oblivious to the danger.  It’s all very subtle change until you use a time-lapse camera. I find the video to be extremely symbolic.

Most are not aware that some of the lakes in the state of Utah have been contaminated this summer with this algae that contains a cyanobacteria which has left fish, wildlife and birds dead along the shores.  Utah Poison Control continues to receive numerous calls reporting illnesses associated with exposure to the contaminated water.

Yesterday, the Scofield reservoir, a popular place to fish has been closed due to the pollution of this cyanobacteria. Payson Lakes on the Nebo Loop Road have been posted with warning signs urging visitors to stay out of the water due to algal blooms there.

 Lincoln Beach on Utah Lake's southeastern shore has been closed since July 15.

Cyanbacteria monitoring efforts continues as state environmental officials try and get  handle on what the largest algal bloom in Utah's history means for Utah water quality. The concern has been that the algae bloom originating in Utah Lake has affected the Jordan River and other downstream systems. Because farmers use Utah Lake and the Jordan River to irrigate their crops. the state Department of Agriculture and Food has advised against using potentially contaminated water for crops, and advised residents to avoid eating produce watered with secondary water sourced from Utah Lake or the Jordan River. Cyanobacteria toxins may accumulate in plant tissues, according to the DEQ.

The effects of stagnation, heat and pollution are reasons that cause this toxic environment. The results of stagnation and pollution are not just found in water. We can see the effect in our personal spiritual lives as well. If we aren't continuing to learn, grow and study.. and/or learn incorrect doctrine we could be living in a spiritual toxic environment. Imagine if we could somehow do a rapid time-lapse view of all the changes that have happened in our religious institutions over the last 177 years? Possibly more people could see the stagnation and false ideas ("pollution" that have gradually creeped into our belief system and be shocked. Unfortunately like the above video shows, we continue to believe All is well like it is another day at the beach.