Tuesday, November 28, 2023

MEN OF GOD - Virtuous and Righteous

Photo taken by my friend on a hikewith him this fall on top of Sunset Peak
of the sunrise over looking Lake Katherine.

But thou, O man of God....
follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, 
love, patience, meekness.
I Timothy 6:11

Below are a few beautiful quotes on how to be Men of God should treat women. Not only Men of God be righteous but virtuous as well.

"True strength is not in how much force you can exert, but in how much love you can show. Abusing women is a betrayal of both strength and the divine."

"Real men of God lift others up with their words and actions, they do not use their power to oppress or harm. Abuse is a corruption of the sacred trust placed in spiritual leaders."

"A man who claims to walk in the light of God should never cast a shadow of abuse on those around him, especially the women who deserve love and respect."

"To harm and demean those who are vulnerable is not the path of righteousness. Men of God should be champions of compassion, not perpetrators of cruelty."

"Abuse is a contradiction to the teachings of love and kindness. Those who claim to be messengers of God must first embody the message of empathy and understanding."

"Real men of God protect the vulnerable, they don't prey on them."

"The true measure of a man is not in his calling, but in how he treats those he calls his family and friends."

"Real men of God confront their demons, they don't inflict them on others."

"A man who abuses a woman tarnishes not only her spirit but also the very essence of his claim to godliness. True spirituality is a beacon of light, not a weapon of harm."

"In the eyes of the divine, there is no justification for the abuse of women. Those who claim godliness while perpetrating harm are hypocrites, not men of God."



Last Sunday I  gave a talk in church. Below is the following parable that I shared..

“Once upon a time, there was a small turkey village. Every Sunday morning , all the turkeys would walk together to church. One Sunday, after the turkeys settled into their pews, the preacher delivered a sermon about a lost truth that the turkeys had forgotten. This restored truth was that turkeys can fly. The preacher showed the turkeys how this was to be done. He taught them to spread their wings and then soar like eagles. While they were singing the closing hymn, an extraordinary sight unfolded – all the turkeys rose from their seats, extended their wings, and gracefully soared above the pews. After an amazing flight accompanied by beautiful singing, the turkeys concluded with a closing prayer. After the prayer, the turkeys stood up and walked back home.

Unfortunately, there are too many turkeys still walking around that know how to fly. We need to step it up and fly like the eagles.