Friday, September 29, 2017


Yesterday, I went into the downtown Deseret Book store across from the Salt Lake Temple. Because this weekend is General Conference, the LDS owned book store was more crowded than usual with visitors from all over the world. In the entrance, Deseret Book has on display a huge map of the world where visitors can take a pin and mark on the map where they are from. Most countries had at least one pin stuck in it. Truly the LDS General Conference is a global event.

 I always find it interesting to see the books that are being promoted for all LDS conference attendees during the Conference weekend. This year, the highly promoted and visible book on display is the book entitled, "That We May Be One - A Gay Mormon's Perspective on Faith and Family" written by Elder Todd D Christofferson's brother Tom.

See the photos I took below:

In addition to the book, this months edition of the LDS oriented magazine called LDSLiving has on the front cover a photo of Tom Christofferson with the featured article. "Mormon and Gay". The magazine is sold next the Ensign as well as the special edition magazine called Temples.

Here are a few photos that I took and the article inside the magazine.

In addition to these books and magazines, outside of Deseret Book are banners advertising the LDS Church's mall. The glossy ads show fine jewelry and women drinking wine and beer. The advertising promote the idea that your wish list should include fine jewelry and apparel. In addition, the banners suggest the idea that you should have a drink after work before going home.

Is there any doubt that Moroni lamented when he saw our day?

Anyway...the reason for this post is that I have been thinking alot about what it means to be one and how can a diverse group of people ever come to a mutual agreement. The above book title is interesting to consider.   "That We May Be One" is a profound wish or desire for all people.

We read all through the scriptures the importance of being one.  Not only do we long to be at one with God, but also with our families, especially with our spouse as well as with each other in a larger community. Zion is a place where people are one. They are of one heart and one mind.  We know that the Father and the Son are one and we want to be like Them.  But how is that achieved?
Do we all have to believe the same things? Do we all have to mutually agree on everything? Does mutual agreement have be unanimous? ...Do we all need to believe and think exactly the same thing?

A paper/essay has recently been written that is posted  HERE about this subject about the process of becoming one and what it means to have mutual agreement. . While quite long (around 16 pages), it is a well thought paper worthy of being read. Using the Book of Mormon as a guide and standard of how unity and peace should be achieved, the author has written a paper that is important for all to consider.

And since General Conference might be a little shorter this year since it was announced yesterday that President Monson will not be in attendance nor will Elder Robert D Hales.  NEWS REPORT... some will have some extra time to read it.