Thursday, November 8, 2012


 This blog was started back in June 2011. For about the first year,  only a handful of my closest friends even knew this blog existed.  Lately, it seems like more than just my few friends are now reading this.  When I set up the blog, I never disabled the option to post comments. I have allowed all comments to be viewed, whether I agreed or disagreed with what was written. I strongly feel that everyone should be free to share their opinions and leave respectful comments that might be a benefit to others.

I enjoy reading the comments that are insightful and contain interesting additional information. However, there have been a few comments that I have disagreed with.  Since I prefer not to edit or delete any of the comments, that leaves me with  two choices. Either disable all comments.. or allow all comments. I have chosen the later.  So..if you choose to read the comments (and even the blog post for that matter) will be good practice for you to continue to develop your ability to discern between truth and error.

And please, I always appreciate the comments that correct me if I have made an error in what I write. This is work in progress and I am constantly learning, so I welcome the feedback.



While there are alot of wonderful blogs out there that I know many of you already read,  here is a link to two other blogs that only a handful of people  know about that I think are worth reading.