Tuesday, October 31, 2017


For most, today is just another Halloween... celebrated by millions with costumes and candy. It is a day when we justify eating unhealthy candy and even hand it out in handfuls to little children dressed up as monsters. Not one of my favorite holidays.

I was surprised to see that the LDS Church joined in the celebration this year by releasing this "scary" video of Richard Elliott, the Mormon Tabernacle Organist, playing an eerie solo on the historic Tabernacle Organ. This iconic LDS Tabernacle which has been used for sacred religious services for well over a century now was transformed to look haunted with eerie lighting and filled with fog for this video below.

Sidenote: In my opinion, the above video is relatively mild compared to the event held in a London Catholic Church that was used to host a Satanic Fashion Show last month.  LINK to video.

HOWEVER... Today is should be observed differently than previous Halloweens. Today marks the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation which began when Martin Luther expressed his concerns and took his written greivances, known as The 95 Theses, and nailed them to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517.

Today people just blog.

I think Martin Luther chose Halloween, 500 years ago today, which was on the eve of All Hallows Day or known as All Saints Day on purpose.  All Saints Day,  observed on November 1, is the day that the Catholic Church celebrates and honors the worshipped Saints. It was a way to show gratitude to them for allowing their grace and excess good deeds to be sold for the sinner to receive forgiveness. So Luther probably used this important day as one more way protest to show his disgust of the Catholic Church for the corrupt practice of selling indulgences.

So instead of just celebrating today like previous Halloweens, I would recommend taking a moment to read more about the Reformation here or even watching the movie Luther which can be watched for free on Youtube. Below is the full movie. 

Happy Reformation Day!



I received an email yesterday from an LDS ward member. Concerned  that some might have negative reactions over the recent announcements released this week from the LDS Church, he first listed all of the changes that the Church announced recently (see below)...

then said he said the following:

"I for one am grateful that we have been blessed with prophets and leaders who are continuously evaluating programs and policies to determine how they can be improved and then moving forward with necessary changes as they are inspired by revelation from God to act on their decisions. I also believe as members of this church we need to do our best to learn of and support these changes in every way we can." 

BTW: I probably would have included one more to list of the recent changes to LDS Church's endorsed programs. The decision to allow girls into the Boy Scouts. . I found it impeccable timing to have the Friends of Scouting Drive to conclude one week prior to the announcement. After receiving the required amount of money from the LDS faithful, a HUGE policy change was made to have Girls to now become Boys Scouts. LINK TO DESERET NEWS STORY