Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Today the LDS Church released the latest news on their website announcing the completion of  huge real estate development around the Mesa Temple. News article found here. CLICK THE LINK

This latest real estate development is called The Grove on Main. Interesting they called it "The Grove".

The project includes 240 apartments, 12 townhomes, condominiums, and detached homes with 70,000 square feet of landscaped open space, ground floor retail space and underground parking. Some of the amenities include a palm tree lined pool and recreation center. Here are a few photos. 

The reasoning given for this huge real estate venture is to enhance the grounds around the Mesa Temple. From the aerial photo below of the project, it almost dwarfs the Temple. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find the Temple (hint: it is in the top center of the photo.)

So, here is an honest question that I would love to ask at the next Face to Face event with the Brethren.

Is this helping the poor and the homeless? Or does it seem that the LDS Church is becoming more of a real estate company building homes? Is providing shelter to the homeless include charging 2000 buck a month for a two bedroom apartment? 

I wonder if we are better landlords than good Samaritans. 

Church Newsroom Video: The downtown revitalization project for which The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints broke ground in 2018 is complete — and locals say it’s helping the city find its soul.