Monday, May 20, 2024


 Last week I drove by and took photos of the demolition of the Provo Temple. I wasn't prepared for what I saw. It looked like a bombed building in a warzone. What was once a sacred Temple dedicated and consecrated to the Lord is now being torn down and destroyed. Still sitting on a peaceful green hill, it looked like a dead corpse, abandoned and left in a heap of rubble. 

On the other hand, the Chapel for the LDS Church that was used for Sacrament Meetings at the Utah State Prison is being preserved. The entire prison surrounding the church was demolished recently and the small, brick building is going to remain standing. See below the lone church  on the barren acres and acres of land where the State Prison once stood.

 What is interesting to read online about the Provo Temple being torn down. On ChatCPT I asked the question: Why is the LDS Church tearing down the Provo Temple?

As of January 2022, there were no reports of the LDS Church tearing down the Provo Temple. The Provo Utah Temple is significant to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and its members, and any significant changes to it would likely be well-documented and communicated within the LDS community. It's possible that there might have been renovation or refurbishment work undertaken, but tearing down the entire temple seems highly unlikely without widespread attention and discussion. 

On the day I took these photos, I talked to a Provo Temple Ordinance worker who was also taking pictures. She was heartbroken to see "her" temple being torn down. She told me that a year ago they had a meeting with all of the Provo Temple workers.  Church authorities announce to them that the temple would only be closed for renovation. The purpose was to put in an additional baptistry where the cafeteria was located.  No mention of tearing the entire temple down. No mention of any need to earthquake proof the temple. However that is now the reason given to the public as to why they need to tear down the Temple.

I find it so odd that we even dedicate our buildings since we don't really believe that the Lord will protect our temples. We think we need to tear down and rebuild instead of having faith that the Lord will uphold His House. 

"We dedicate all the structural parts from its foundation to the tower. Protect it, we pray thee, from any devastating influence, holocausts, hurricanes, storms, or destruction of any kind."

I guess we forget to mention in the prayer to protect it from destroying it ourselves.

 Here are some more photos of the destruction of the Provo Temple.