Wednesday, March 13, 2019


"The moment was historic. The image instantly iconic.
But all the pictures combined are no match 
for the Spirit-witnessing
conformation of the unity and brotherhood of
this mighty and heroic band of Christ's disciples" 

quote from the news article found here: 

"As the brethren took their places, a hush came over all who had crowded in to watch the gathering of these special witnesses documented by photograph...The sight of these Apostles walking together, talking, and clearly rejoicing in their unity literally took one's breath away... It was a scene that would have fit perfectly on the road to Emmaus or along the shore of Galilee."


Have we elevated these men to such a status now calling them heros? We almost treat them like celebrities, even idols. I mean when we describe being in their presence, we actually say there is a "hush" that came over all who had crowded in to watch the gathering.  Even that the sight of these Apostles "literally took one's breath away". 

It might be good for us to review some of the very first commandments given by God. In fact lets reread #1 and #2 of the Ten Commandments. I wonder if those two commandment are given first because God knew that we would have the tendency to break both of these. 

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image...

If you look at the iconic and historic photo above, I wonder if we see evidence of possible violations of these two commandments. 

Are there any graven images in the photo?
Who really is in the forefront of the photo? Christ?  Is there anything/anybody in front of Him? or in other words.. "any other gods before me" that we might be asked to follow? 

Anyway.. something to at least think about.



I don't think you need to wear a white suit or have rank and status in a hierarchy to be a mighty and heroic disciple of Christ. I think we can ALL be mighty and heroic. All we need to do what Christ teach us in the parable of the Sheep and the Goats found in Matthew 25.

"For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me. I was in prison, and ye came unto me."  

In my opinion, here are true mighty and heroic disciples of Christ.

A few weeks ago I gave a talk in Church. I spoke briefly about this parable. Here is an excerpt from the talk:

What does it mean to feed the hungry?
I am wondering if feeding the hungry doesn’t always mean just giving food to those who haven’t eaten for awhile.  
What if the Lord is also talking about those who are spiritually hungry?

For example, those who don’t have the gospel, or who are experiencing a crisis of faith, and struggling with finding God.
What about those who are emotionally hungry, like those who suffer from depression, anxiety and loneliness?
What about those who are financially hungry. the poor and the needy who struggle to provide for the necessities of life?

What about taking in a stranger?

Is a stranger only someone we don’t know?

What if a stranger is someone we know, but we think they are not like us, people who we perceived to be different.. do we take them in?

Do we exclude, criticize, condemn people we consider strange?

What about the naked? 

I don’t think it means to just give someone clothes.

What about those who have lost their reputation or who have been stripped of their good name?

What about those who have been abandoned, left out, or without protection that clothes provides?

How about those who are sick?

I don’t think it is those who just have the flu.

Those who are dealing with abuse, or have weaknesses? Do we sit and visit with them and try to help?

Or what about visiting those who are in prison?

I don’t think in means only those who are incarcerated at the point of mountain.

What about those who struggle with additions?
I recently came across youtube video of what it means to really help someone’s pain and suffering.
It shows someone in a deep hole and they shout out from the bottom and they say I’m stuck, It’s dark, I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know what to do.
Do we just look down at the person in the hole and pass by.. or are we are willing to climb down in that hole and say, I am here for you. I might not know exactly what you are felling, but I want you to know that you are not alone.
To me, that is what is meant by visiting someone if prison. 

"And again, verily I say unto you, and I say it that you may know the truth, that you may chase darkness from among you; he that is ordained of God and sent forth, the same is appointed to be the greatest, notwithstanding he is the LEAST and the servant of all." 
Doctrine and Covenants 50: 25-26