Sunday, October 2, 2016


Just finished watching all the sessions of General Conference. For those who didn't tune in, it was encouraging that many talks focused on The Book of Mormon and the need for repentance.  I enjoyed three talks, Elder K Brett Nattress on the importance of teaching our children, Elder Dale G Renlund on Repentance, and Elder LeGrand R Curtis on the Book of Mormon.

That being said, In Elder Stevenson's talk he quoted from chapter 8 of Mormon where Moroni basically says, I saw all of you Mormons living in the last days.  He read verse 34 when Moroni says, "I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing." I find it interesting that Elder Stevenson stopped at that verse and didn't continue to describe the things that Moroni saw and didn't read any more verses. Maybe because if you read the things that Moroni saw, none of which are very flattering. Moroni basically said, you guys suck. If you don't believe me, read again the verses 34-40 in Mormon 8 for yourselves.

Many are waking up to the current state of the Church,  Elder Ballard spoke this morning and addressed the Brethren's concern that so many members are leaving the Church. He said, "For some, Christ’s invitation to believe and remain continues to be hard—or difficult to accept. Some disciples struggle to understand a specific Church policy or teaching. Others find concerns in our history or in the imperfections of some members and leaders, past and present." But he ended by saying... "where else will you go? or what will you do?"  Well to offer a solution to those questions below is  a friend's website written for those who still have testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the Restored Gospel but also have the same question that Moroni had and asked us "why have ye polluted the holy church of God?"

Here is the website:

In the heading on the homepage of the website under THE RESTORATION there are seven short paragraphs that describe what has happen over the past 200 years since the beginning of the Restoration to where we are now.  Here are some of the quick links to those pages:

It is the hope that this website might be a helpful resource for others find a place where they can go for more answers. We need to remember what has been been give through the Prophet Joseph Smith, do our best to preserve it, and remain humble enough to move forward in harvesting the field before the Lord's coming.