Tuesday, April 2, 2019


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints plans to remodel part of their 67,600-square-foot Bishop's Storehouse located at 390 South 5200 West in Salt Lake City and convert it into the Church Security Department Training Center complete with two shooting ranges and facilities for teaching about defensive tactics and the use of force.

Below is the headline and photo that was reported today in the news.

Eric Hawkins, the Church spokesman, told the Salt Lake Tribune “Growing demand on these types of facilities by all security and law enforcement services has required that church security find or construct new space for their training,” 

What once was a brand new Bishop's storehouse build just about 10 years ago with the purpose of  helping the poor and the needy is being converted into a Security Training Center complete with an in- house shooting range.

Lately the Church curriculum has focused on having it's members become more like Christ, so to have our tithing money go towards building a state of the art shooting range seems contrary to Christ teachings. I mean you don't have to look too hard to find scriptural references like "turning the other cheek", "loving your enemies" and "blessing those who curse you", even reading the stories of Christ rebuking Peter for cutting off the guards ear and then healing it. And heaven forbid, trying to build Zion where we read in D&C 45 about "not taking up swords against your neighbor."

Sad day that we live in that storing food for the needy become secondary to having a facility to teach how to use force. Anyway, maybe they will rededicate the building and call it the Porter Rockwell Defense Center and Shooting Range.

We always tell our kids when they are practicing the piano that practice makes perfect. Learning muscle memory is important. If you practice enough, then thinking becomes automatic.

So if Church Security is going to now be practicing at the Church's own firing ranges. I wonder if they will use the typical targets.