Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I found this interesting.

Applications and Video Auditions are currently being accepted for members of Church to share their "testimony about God’s Special Witnesses on the earth today!" that will be shown at the Special Witnesses Kiosk.

From the email I recieved from the LDS Motion Picture Studio, they are looking for members of the Church of all ethnicities to be part of a new video to be shown at the Visitors Center where they will  "share their thoughts and testimony about our Special Witnesses—our modern-day apostles—in a very casual, natural way: in your own words." The email emphasises that there’s no acting involved. Just be yourself and share your testimony about our Special Witnesses. I have always been interesting in understanding what is meant by "Special Witnesses." Does that mean they have seen the Lord? Do we hear them actually say that.. or do we just assume it?

I think what took me offguard from this casting call is when did we start bearing testimony of God's Special Witnesses instead of Jesus Christ? Why in the world it is being allowed to have members testifying of men.. and allowing it to be filmed and shown at our Visitors Center. It is my opinion that God's Special Witnesses would not want people to share testimonies about them, but instead of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Below is the email and link in case you would like to submit your application:

FORM url address: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=iaiAffApRweHRM%2AzXVs5RA


From: LDS Casting <AVDCasting@ldschurch.org>
Date: Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 8:43 PM

We Need Your Help!

Please submit your application no later than Monday, April 8, 2013. (Earlier is better!)

PROJECT: Special Witnesses Kiosk

WHAT: These are INTERVIEWS. There’s no acting involved. Just be yourself and share your thoughts and testimony about our Special Witnesses—our modern-day apostles—in a very casual, natural way: in your own words.

PLEASE APPLY: This is a perfect opportunity to serve even if you have no acting experience. We just want YOU—your personality, your thoughts, your words.

NEEDED: English-speakers and Native Spanish-speakers. Men and Women, ages 16 and older.

ALL ETHNICITIES are WELCOME. As this will be used throughout the world, we will be looking for ethnically-diverse individuals to represent all areas of the globe.

REMUNERATION: As you will be imparting your testimony, this work is non-paid, volunteer. We will, however, offer a small stipend for travel if you come from a distance.

WHERE: The shoot will take place in Provo, Utah.

WHEN: Dates are flexible. Currently, the third week in April is the goal.

PURPOSE: One of the experiences in LDS Visitor’s Centers is a Kiosk highlighting our modern-day prophets and apostles. The purpose of this project is to create an introduction from the perspective of a normal, everyday person about why these leaders are important. This is designed for non-members to help them understand who and what they are about to see.


FIRST, make a video of yourself! Take one minute or less to tell us about a recent General Conference address that impacted your life. This is what we’re looking for:

(1) “Talking Head.” Make sure your FACE is well-lit. It only needs to be your head-and-shoulders speaking directly to the camera.

(2) Your Name. Please state your name at the beginning and anything about yourself you’d like to share. (Where you live; how many in your family; your age; are you a convert? Etc.)

(3) Be personable. Relax. Smile. Show some humor.

(4) Be sincere. Speak the truth from your heart.

(5) Be succinct. Convey your ideas clearly and without a lot of hash. You may wish to practice a bit before recording. Remember, longer is not always better. Short and succinct is the way to be.

Please Note: We are NOT looking for long quotes or citations from these talks. We want your reactions to them and how they impacted your life. (All in less than a minute!)

SECOND, upload your video! You may use any online service you prefer. We recommend that you make the video “accessible via URL link” which creates a degree of privacy without the need for a password. In effect, only those with the direct link can see the video. Add the link to your video to your
FORM (see step #3) and viola! Done!

THIRD, fill out this
FORM and upload a current photo of yourself. There are areas in the form to do this.

DATE DUE: Please submit your application no later than Monday, April 8, 2013. (Earlier is better!)

THANK YOU for your willingness to share your testimony about God’s Special Witnesses on the earth today! We look forward to viewing your application!

Best regards,

Alisa Anglesey
Publishing Services Casting Producer
LDS Motion Picture Studio
(801) 240-9300

FORM url address: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=iaiAffApRweHRM%2AzXVs5RA