Friday, March 12, 2021



from the New York Times


First Presidency announces 
No more live endowment sessions

"For both the Salt Lake and Manti temples, temple instruction will move from a live presentation conducted in several different rooms to single-room film presentations. Also, storied but aging murals in both buildings are being removed."
These historic rooms will no longer be used as originally designed.  The beautiful hand-painted murals will be removed as well. There was alot of symbolism in the upward spiral of moving up from one room to another, but patrons will now stay in one place during the Temple instruction. The historic baptistry and font will also be removed and new ones will be build in the Annex. 
In a letter written by the First Presidency it says,

"As this project has progressed, we have felt the Lord's hand guiding us in modifying several aspects of the renovation."  

So they only felt the Lord guidance on several aspects? Why not ALL aspects? 

The below pioneer murals will all be removed, painted over, and changed. 

 Are we  RESTORING or COMPLETELY REMOVING our  Historical Foundations?

I recently took a few photos last week of the Salt Lake Temple. I was surprised to see the stones being taken down from the exterior of the Temple. Apparently, the reason they are doing so is for cleaning purposes. I  would think it easier to clean them still attached to the building instead of removing them. Plus a whole lot less expensive.  (It is not like you can take them to the dry cleaners or something.) Anyway, I am constantly amazed at this "Renovation" of the Salt Lake Temple. 

Here is a photo that I took and added the ground level transparency to show the progress of the removal of the foundation. They have dug down what looks to be at least 30 feet. They will then begin the process of the replacing the rock foundation with moving rollers which they are calling  a "base isolation system". Essentially the building is no longer built on rock, a steadfast and firm foundation, but on rollers that can move back and forth depending on the movement of the world(earth).

I honestly wonder if it would have been easier and cheaper to just tear down and rebuild the temple with all of these massive changes they are doing.