Thursday, August 30, 2012


I would rather that this blog not become a political platform, but I feel I need to express my opinions and my concern for where our country is headed. I have watched some of the Republican National Convention happening this week in Tampa. I found it symbolic that Hurricane Isaac caused the first day of the convention to be cancelled. Seems as if Nature's God was not in complete support. With the exception of a very few that I know, everyone is very excited about Mitt Romney's chances of conquering the "evil one."  Because Mitt is Mormon, most believe that he is "called" and "chosen" to turn the country around. While maybe he was "called", Personally, I think the wrong man has been chosen. and why not?

Last night at the RNC, a special tribute was given to the man I would chose to be our new President, Ron Paul.  Planners of the Republican National Convention gave Ron Paul an opportunity to speak at this week RNC event, but only under the conditions that he fully endorse Mitt Romney, and that he only deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign. Unsurprisingly, the congressman who has for decades been noted for his uncompromising stance on issues, including those on which he disagrees with the majority of his party, refused the conditions. As far as I know, Ron Paul was the last man standing in the Presidential Primary Race. This video was played last night at the convention. Since Mitt Romney has recieved the nomination, the Republican Party no longer feels that Ron Paul is a threat, and felt it was safe to play.

Here was the video that was played:

"It’s the American story…
charting your own path, forging new ways forward.
Not because it is the easy way, but because it is the right way.
And for those with dedication, character, faith and conviction.
Sometimes that lonely path paves the way forward for millions

I had a chance to see Ron Paul and hear him speak personally when he came to Utah. He is a modern day George Washington. I would even go so far and say that if Captian Moroni were alive and well today.. this would be who he would "chose" as well  to vote for. It is sad that so many are blinded by the craftiness of men, (especially when the craftiness is mingled with scripture and/or they share your same faith).

I friend forward me a post from someone who posted this on facebook:

"I just put my arm around Ron Paul and told him that the way he understands agency and liberty, he understands Mormonism better than Mitt Romney. He answered, 'I used to talk to Ezra Taft Benson a lot. We were friends. I know quite a bit about Mormonism."

I think there are enough freedom loving people in America that Ron Paul actually could have won the nomination had he not of been "stoned to death" in the media. The "Powers That Be"  knew that they could not control him, or make him their puppet.. Unfortunately, as we have see in history that we mock and cast out those who speak truth. So instead of having a President like Ron Paul, we will continue to have kings who will rule and reign.

For more information of the corruption that is happening within the Republican Party at the RNC that you probably won't see on the mainstream media. We are entering a period of time where a dissenting voice will not be heard. This is not just happening in politics either.

The result of the "vote" was written on the teleprompter BEFORE the vote was even taken.