Friday, September 21, 2012


Observing the Vernal, and the Autumnal Equinoxes and the Solstices was something done from ancient times, in ceremony and in ritual. Whole cities were built aligned to the cardinal directions of the compass and the lights of heaven. The lights of heaven were given to us first as "signs" and secondly as "seasons."

Don't let them pass by unnoticed. Otherwise you note less than even the plants and the animals whose life cycles and behavior acknowledge the passing of such events.

People who live where there are the four seasons tend to be more advanced. They are productive during the proper season (spring/summer) and then in the harvest time  (fall/winter) is an resting period when they can observe, write, and reflect. (Not sure why we think important civilizations lived on or near the equator in MesoAmerica)

The Fall Equinox is when there is equal day and equal night. Light and Darkness are in balance. For us who live in the Utah Valley.. sunset will occur close to 7:30 PM and the sunrise tomorrow will also be around 7:30 AM. We live in the Mountain Standard Time Zone (with Daylight Savings). Daylight Savings is a manipulation of what the time really is.  If we were not on Daylight Savings time and  because we are a half an hour west of Denver, CO where the Mountain Time is set.. our sunset tonight would be  properly be at 6:00 PM and tomorrow's sunrise would be at 6:00 AM. On a face clock you would have the large minute hand straight up on the 12... and the small hour hand straight down on the 6. Equal balance. A straight line from Heaven above to Earth Below.

After this weekend.. the balance is broken..  Less light (meaning the amount of sunlight) and more darkness (meaning longer nights) comes upon the earth little by little each day until the darkest day of the year which occurs on December 21, 2012...the winter solstice. Another important day of transition.. even the beginning of a new age.. (The Age or Zodiac Sign of the Aquarius.  the Sign of the Aquarius in not just the water bearer. But actually the Sign of Fire as well.)