Thursday, May 22, 2014


Below is photo of an advertisement that appeared in last Sunday's Deseret News. A collection of past songs sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has now been compiled and sold. It is being advertised as "INSPIRATION FOR HASTENING THE WORK."   The CD's are not cheap, the retail price is $39.98. It is being promoted for all missionaries now leaving on their missions. Since mission rules only allow the missionaries to listen to either the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or classical music, it makes a wonderful gift. If you act now,  these CD's are on a promotional sale at Deseret Book. You can get 4 dollars off of the $39.98 retail price plus discount tickets to Lagoon.
Buy the CD Soundtrack for 35.98 (save 4.00 off the retail price of 39.98) LINK


A new movie has been produced by the Church entitled  "MEET THE MORMONS". Not only will it be shown at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, but coming this fall, the movie will be released in select theaters nationwide. The movie has been under production for the past 4 years and is currently being prescreen to audiences including Church authorities, employees and their families.  The Church hopes that there will enough demand that the movie will also be picked up and available for viewing on Netflix.

From the is the following article about the movie:

"Do you sometimes find yourself wishing there was a simple way to let others know that Latter-day Saints are just normal people who find purpose and direction as they focus their lives on Jesus Christ? That’s what a documentary movie soon to be released by the Church will help you to do.

Meet the Mormons starts with a lighthearted look at how members of the Church are often misperceived by others. Then it introduces six families, each sharing personal experiences and describing how the gospel helps them in their lives. Those featured include:

  • The Bishop: Jermaine Sullivan and his wife, Kembe, from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, work to create unity in a diverse community while raising their three young sons.
  • The Coach: Ken Niumatalolo, the head coach of the U.S. Naval Academy football team in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, and his wife, Barbara, with the support of their children and the coaching staff, keep the Sabbath day holy.
  • The Candy Bomber. Gail Halvorsen, a 93-year-old World War II veteran, and his wife Lorraine, 90, from Amado, Arizona, USA, remind children of the value of service. Still a pilot, Brother Halvorsen drops candy from an airplane as he did during the Berlin Airlift following the war.
  • The Fighter. Carolina Marin, a kickboxer from San José, Costa Rica, and her trainer and husband, Milton, balance their roles as spouses and parents of young children with their love of competition.
  • The Humanitarian. Bishnu and Mangala Adhikari, of Kathmandu, Nepal, honor the beliefs and heritage of their homeland. Brother Adhikari is an engineer who has built roads, schools, and clean water systems that have blessed many small communities.
  • The Missionary Mom. Craig and Dawn Armstrong and their son Anthony, from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, tell how Sister Armstrong was a homeless single mother when she met the missionaries. The gospel they shared helped her to turn her life around. She later married Craig, and the story comes full circle when Anthony goes on a full-time mission to South Africa to share the gospel that so blessed his mother.

Meet the Mormons will be shown in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and at other locations yet to be determined." LINK


How we as members are viewed  around the world is very important to the Church, especially amongst the hot-topics with minority groups. (Blacks and Women regarding the Priesthood)  The six featured stars of the film were specifically selected to change these "misperceptions". For example, the Bishop holding high priesthood leadership position in the  movie is Afro-American who lives in Georgia.  The Fighter is a female who is a professional kickboxer. The Missionary Mom is a homeless single mother whose child out of wedlock serves a mission to South Africa.

The way that things are accelerating in the county, it's my opinion if the Church were to make a sequel to this movie called "Meet the Mormon 2".. we could possibly see one of the stars of the movie touch on the subject of same-sex marriage.

Recently a survey went out to select LDS church members with questions regarding same-sex marriages. Here were a few of the questions that were to be answered with either  Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Agree, or Strongly Agree.
  1. The Church's position on same-sex marriage is clear to me.
  2. I'm troubled by the Church's position on same-sex marriage.
Next Section:  For each question, please indicate whether you think it represents the Church's position, according to your understanding of Church teachings and policy.

  1. The Church teaches that legalizing same-sex marriage will increase social acceptance of violating the law of chastity.
  2. The Church teaches that legalizing same-sex marriage could seriously interfere with our religious liberty to teach and live our religion.
  3. The Church teaches that same-sex marriage places priority on the desires of adults, whereas marriage between a man and a woman places the highest priority on the needs of the children.
  4. On January 9, 2014, The First Presidency sent a letter to Church leaders about same-sex marriage. Were you aware of this letter? Yes or No
  5. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statement: I have personally experienced harassment, discrimination, or other social or economic costs because of the Church's opposition to same-sex marriage.
  6. Which of the following, if any, have you consulted to learn about the Church's position toward same-sex marriage over the past year? (First Presidency Letter,, Church meetings, discussions)

There were more questions on the LDS survey regarding on same-sex marriage topic including  if you know or have close acquaintances with anyone involved in such relationships/attractions. We live in interesting times of "Hastening the Work". Not sure if the "work" is being hastened or if we are just hastening the "ripening".