Monday, May 20, 2019


For the past couple of years, our family has been asked to participate in Church surveys. It has been interesting to see how many of the changes now being implemented by the Church began as questions from the surveys conducted. Here is the latest one that we were asked to fill out. It is a request for us to submit a replacement name for which is the Church's media channel that provides inspirational videos, radio programs, music and other uplifting media.

After submitting a proposal, we were then asked to select from a list of some of the top names other people had submitted. Below are some of the screenshot from the survey.

As everyone now knows, we are to no longer use the terms Latter-day Saints, LDS, and especially not the term Mormon.  From this article:

"Various other services and mobile apps, such as LDS Seminary and Institute, will simply remove “LDS” from the name.
The terms “LDS” and “Latter-day Saint” should not be used to qualify objects, such as temples, scriptures or doctrine, that belong to the Lord or His Church.

 Here is the current list of the all the new names that have already been implemented. The terms are now very generic. We have removed the unique description that we have been using for decades.

Personally, if the Lord is so concerned about what we name things, how about instead of sending out online surveys and/or taking a vote, we could save alot of time and just ask Him.