Monday, March 20, 2023


The first "official" day of spring arrives today. At 3:24 PM here in Utah, the sun will be shining directly down on the equator at a point over the Pacific Ocean, roughly 1,900 miles (3,100 km) southeast of the Hawaiian Islands. 

I usually try and go on a sunrise hike on this day, but the weather forecast for this entire week was not looking good so I went a couple of days ago on a clear night and morning. 

Woke up around  4:00 in the morning to drive up into the mountains and began hiking at 5:30 AM. 
Here are some photos from the hike:

Moon rising above the mountain early in the morning on March 16,2023

It has snowed about a foot the day before. We had to plow our own trail to the summit.

Guardsmas Pass. The large pipe sticking out the snow is the "chimney" of the restroom facility that is buried under at least 10 feet of snow. 

Sunrise around 7:40 AM 

Beautiful morning. 

On that morning we were observing rebirth of spring, later that night one of our friends passed away.  

LIFE and DEATH on a Single Day