Monday, March 18, 2019


Since when does a religion become the largest hirer of technology related jobs in Salt Lake?

Hard to believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hires more people in Salt Lake City than any other company in the technology field.  

The report from lists the church in the top slot of its ranking of tech hirers in Utah's capital city, with Zions Bank,, Progressive Leasing and Western Governor's University rounding out the top five.

Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff said employees with expertise in technology are of increasing significance to the work done at the world headquarters of the faith in Salt Lake City.
"Technology plays an increasingly important role in the workplace, and we rely on highly skilled employees to understand and harness it in order to further the mission of the church," Woodruff said in a statement. "We are pleased to hire talented individuals from across a number of industries — including technology — to assist in the church's work around the world in family history, missionary efforts, humanitarian work and other areas."
So does this mean that more of our tithing money is being spent on high paying technology jobs instead of helping the poor and the needy?

Hard to know that your tithing money is going to recruiters and paying salaries for high demand jobs in the technology sectore. From the Deseret News article it says:
"The highest-paid tech workers in Salt Lake City are senior web developers, earning an annual salary of $118,737," the report reads. "Web developers build applications that are often customer-facing, including user interfaces. Unlike software engineers (No. 8) who use their knowledge of data structures and algorithms to design and build software and services, web developers primarily work with websites and web apps."
I  am not sure how much the Church pays.. but the Church states on their webpage that wages are comparable to that of similar job in the market.


We provide fair compensation for our employees as they engage in this great work. Compensation is designed to be comparable to that of similar jobs in the relevant market.
We hire some of the most talented industry professionals to work for the Church.

However the real draw is that employees are told that they are "working in the Kingdom"
From the Church Employment webpage:

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