Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Efficacy of Salt Lake Temple Dedicatory Prayer?

 Here is an excerpt from the Salt Lake Temple Dedicatory Prayer given on April 6, 1893 by Wilford Woodruff. 
"Preserve these buildings, we beseech Thee, from injury or destruction by flood or fire; from the rage of the elements, the shafts of the vivid lightning, the overwhelming blasts of the hurricane, the flames of consuming fire, and the upheavals of the earth-quake, O Lord, protect them."

 Do we no longer believe in the efficacy of our dedicatory prayers for our Temples? Have we found evidence that the Lord is not preserving our temples and so we need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to solve the problems of cracks in the foundations? flooding? lightning strikes and fires? 

Here are a few photos I took of what the Salt Lake Temple looks like today and the new foundation the Church is installing.

Just in case you want to go down to Temple Square  this holiday season, the Church just released this statement: https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/christmas-temple-square-2021
"Attendees at any events on Temple Square are required to wear masks and be vaccinated if in the eligible age categories."
So the list continues to grow. The Church/First Presidency has set forth these "vaccination" mandates thus far -

* ALL people attending ANY events on Temple Square are required to be "vaccinated".
* ALL members of the Tabernacle Choir are required to be "vaccinated".
* ALL stake patriarchs and their wives are required to be "vaccinated".
* ALL missionaries entering any of the MTC's are required to be "vaccinated".
* ALL missionaries going on foreign missions (regardless of the country they are going to) are required to be "vaccinated".

I would not be surprised in the near future for those wanting to attend the Temple (including the youth doing baptisms for the dead) will be also required to be vaccinated.