Sunday, April 19, 2015


Patience doesn't seem to be a popular virtue today, especially when we expect things to happen instantaneously. We can get upset when we have a slow internet connection, or traffic is backed up due to an accident, or family members are demanding.

However, patience does not mean suffering while we wait to get what we want, that is more like impatience. When we are truly patient, we kindly and lovingly allow others the time they need to reach their full potential. We don't resent the fact that progression is a process and resist in putting on undue pressure and unrealistic expectations on others or on ourselves knowing that it will only hinder growth and create frustration. Patience means not despairing when mistakes happen, it means making room for change as we all learn a better way. It means that sometimes we will be offended, but we won't harbor resentment or anger as we work out a solution. Patience inspires us to give people a second chance and the benefit of the doubt, just as we hope they will do for us. Patience is the power that comes from hope and confidence that things will in time improve. 

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