Thursday, September 7, 2017


We live in exciting times. Less than 3 weeks ago our country experienced a total solar eclipse that crossed from the west coast to the east coast of the United States. It is the first time since the birth of our nation in 1776  that the path of totality stayed completely in the United States. I believe it was ominous sign.
Since then we have experienced Fires in the Northwest, Earthquakes in the Rocky Mountain Region, Flooding in Midwest, and are expecting Winds over 150 miles an hour along the Atlantic coast. The Four elements of this world: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. These elements are also symbolic of the four archangels) These four elements have caused damage across  the United, similiar to the path of totality of the solar eclipse.

Below are some notes I have written in my journal from recent talk about the importance of these recent events:

The next total eclipse will be in about seven years on April 8, 2014. With the recent eclipse and the one 2024 they will make an X across the United States. It’s a fairly dramatic celestial event that suggests possible meanings like the times of the Gentiles are coming to an end and there are about to be swept away and replaced as the possessors and the rightful owners of the land.  How we act matters a lot. Nineveh got saved because they repented and if God will spare Nineveh because they repented then he ought to be willing to spare other people because they’re willing to repent. The focus will be here on this land primarily until the Lord’s return and then Jerusalem will reacquire the spotlight. But Zion is going to be on this, the American continent. Since Zion must precede the Lord’s return and since this land is the land that has a restriction on it that requires those who are going to occupy it to serve the God of the land who is Jesus Christ,  the sign of the eclipse is a rather ominous suggestion that we can be crossed out and we can be replaced unless, of course, we choose to repent. 

There are two great symbols that are identical in size and identical in their position they occupy in the heaven above us. One is the sun and one is the moon. From the surface of the earth they are exactly the same size. The moon is 1/4 th the size of the earth and the sun is thousands, and thousands times bigger. But they were placed in the heavens at the relevant distances so that when you’re looking at them they are identical in the area that they occupy in the heaven above. The sun is a symbol of heavenly Father. The moon is a symbol of Heavenly Mother. And they occupy exactly the same position on the ecliptic. They move in the same position across the heavens. The movement of the mother as a symbol is far more complex than the movement of the sun across the sky because the dance that the symbol of our Heavenly Mother is performing is both progressive and recessive. She moves constantly across the sky from the East to the West once she comes into sight, but every night she moves farther East and so she begins farther to the East every night and then moves across the night sky to the west. So her dance is far more complex than is the Father’s. His is stable and relatively stationary and relatively predictable. The symbol of the mother plotting out the light of the sun in the eclipse is what you were asking about is ominous indeed because when a mother loses hope for her children, that’s a lot more frightening than the father’s ire. 

When a mother gets worked up enough to send a symbol across the land to suggest the blotting out the light of the father, it’s something that maybe we ought to sit up and take note of that. 

 There’s a message up there that was part of the gospel that will be restored again, but right now, faith, repentance, baptism, and treating one another kindly and preparing to be the kind of people that are worthy of preservation are far more important than all of that. 


I recently read someone's notes that they took from Isaiah classes from a well known scholar. He spoke about three groups of the Lord’s people in the last days.

  • The first group would be those that would be granted divine protection and preserved from the worst turmoils of the tribulations. (Although some would be sacrificed for a testimony.)
  • The second group would be those who were not loyal to the Lord, but loyal to their Church Leaders. They would have to suffer tribulations to change their thinking and to be punished for their idolatry. This group would have to work hard to survive, but eventually, they would be gathered into Zion after sufficient time and after their hearts were changed.
  • The third group were wicked and rebelled. They joined in with the world were to be destroyed.


And lastly this:

The spirit of God is withdrawing from the world. Men are increasingly more angry without good cause. The hearts of men are waxing cold. There is increasing anger and resentment of gentiles. In political terms, it’s rejection of white privilege. Language of scriptures description of the events now underway calls it the end of the times of the gentiles. This process with the spirit withdrawing, will end on this continent as two prior civilization ended, in fratricidal and genocidal warfare. For the rest of the world, it will be as in the days of Noah in which, as that light becomes eclipsed, the coldness of men’s hearts is going to result in a constant scene of violence and bloodshed. The wicked will destroy the wicked. The covenant, if it is kept, will prevent you from losing light and warmth of heart as the spirit now steadily recedes from the world. The time will come, when you will be astonished at the gulf between the light and truth you will comprehend and the darkness of mind of the world. Be charitable and patient and labor to reach others. They will judge you harshly, but nevertheless be kind to them. They are going to grow to fear you, but that’s only part of how darkness responds to light. Give them no reason to fear you. The time will come for us to gather, but between now and then be leaven. Preserve the world. Be salt. Preserve the world. Even if it hates you.