Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is the 250th post on this blog. Ever since the Spring Equinox, I have been asked to share things on this blog that will "bring" down more light, instead of primarily "bringing to light" the hidden things of darkness.  Light is what brings life. It is what sustains hope. Darkness destroys life, and perpetrates despair.

If one is filled with enough light and truth they will be unaffected by the evil all around them. We read in the Book of Mormon that prior to the destruction of the people, men like Mormon and Moroni still could abide the wickedness of the world around them. They lived during a time that could be rated as a violent NC-17 movie, yet they remained unaffected.   I believe that it will be essential for us to gather as much light and truth in the days ahead in order  to combat the onslaught of despair and evil that will continue to encircle around us.

I recently read that our bodies have a dural tube inside our spinal column that vibrates within it. The lower the frequency the sicker and weaker the body is. Conversely, the higher the frequency the healthier and more vibrant the body. The cerebral spinal fluid comes out of the Pineal gland and runs down the Dural tube into the lower extremity. Pineal Gland is associated with our ability to receive revelation and inspiration.  Raising our frequency is essential in order for us to receive light and truth and ultimately receive and endure the presence of the Lord.

 With the right frequency, we can abide the day.

Today is the national "Find a Rainbow Day", so what better day than to post about light.  Rainbows are created from light, and are basically colored light. They are created when the light is refracted by moving from one medium (air) to another (water).

 Rainbows have always had symbolic significance, serving as a sign of peace, beauty, hope, happiness, love and fortune.. but most importantly the rainbow signifies a covenant between God and man.  Covenants are never meant to be broken, neither is the token of that covenant. Covenants are eternal, like a never ending circle. What's interesting is that we tend to think that rainbows are only a semicircle/arch... but actually if the earth didn't get in the way, the rainbow would be a complete circle.

Rainbows are made up of primarily seven distinct colors. I wanted to share a little bit about the a few colors and the associated symbol.  A few days ago I visually could see the Star of David associated with color.  The primary colors (red, yellow and blue) created the triangle the pointed down from heaven. The secondary colors (orange, purple and green) made up the triangle the pointed back up heavenward. The two triangles combined forming the Star of David and a Color Wheel. Below is a my feeble attempt to illustrate this.  Each color has important symbol associated to it.

A symbolic chart that I visualized with the Star of David and the two inverted triangles .

For example. The color Red. The Hebrew word, Adam (אדם) literally means "red". Adam means to show blood in the face, rosy, or ruddy. He was the first man.  Dam is the "red" blood,  adamah is the "red" ground, edom is the color "red" and adam is the "red" man. So Red has significant meaning of Blood, Adam, Red Earth/Clay. It basically represents the Natural Man.

The color blue is symbolic for the Priesthood, and God's Presence. It is the color of the Sky that is over all. The color blue was used on priestly robes or prayer shawls as a sign of the priesthood. The ribbon tassel that the woman touched to be healed was said to be blue. Thus the color is also associated with healing.

If you mix the color Red (Adam, Man) with the color Blue (God's Presence, Priesthood, Healing) you get the color Purple. The Color Purple is a color of royalty, and the color of kingship. It is symbolic of God's Power, and the Royal Priesthood.

The Color Yellow is symbolic of Gold and the Refiner's Fire. It corresponds to trials. So if you mix the color Yellow ( trials, refiner's fire) with the color Blue (healing, Priesthood, God's presence) you get the color Green. The color Green is symbolic of new life, resurrection, growth. Also the color yellow is symbol of the sun. The color blue is associated with water. You mix sunlight with water you get growth and new life in plants.

The color Orange is associate with Brass and Judgment. You get the color Orange by mixing the color Red (natural man) with color Yellow (trials). So our judgment usually comes from how we as natural men respond to our trials we face.  Here is a quick chart to better visualize this:

the mixing of primary colors to get the symbolic secondary colors

The primary color and the secondary colors only make up 6 of the 7 colors found in the rainbow. There is a seventh color which has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency. It is the color Violet. You get violet by mixing white and red. What is interesting is the white and red are the colors of the Atonement. Symbolically by applying the Atonement to the already highest frequency of the color purple (indigo) you get the color violet. The highest vibrating color.


The number seven (the seven colors) is symbolic of completion. We talk about the Jacobs ladder to have seven rungs. Joseph Smith stated that " When you climb up a ladder, you must begin at the bottom, and ascend step by step, until you arrive at the top; and so it is with the principles of the gospel--you must begin with the first, and go on until you learn all the principles of exaltation. But it will be a great while after you have passed through the veil before you will have learned them. It is not all to be comprehended in this world; it will be a great work to learn our salvation and exaltation even beyond the grave." HC 6:306-307
In the Words of Joseph Smith he said, " I would make you think I was climbing a ladder when I was climbing a rainbow.--who ever revealed it."
Sidenote: It is interesting to note that the same-sex marriage movement has usurped the symbol of the rainbow. However if you notice, they only use the six colors and not seven. The seventh color being created by the adding the Atonement colors of red and white to get that higher frequency color of violet.