Tuesday, September 1, 2020

SCRUPULOSITY.... Unhealthy Excessive Religious Behavior

Scrupulous is a word to describe someone who is diligent, thorough, and extremely attentive to details in following the rules or requirements that is asked of them. They are very concerned to avoid doing any thing wrong.  On the surface, being scrupulous might be considered a good thing, but if excessive, it could possibly lead to unhealthy religious behavior called Scrupulosity.  

Common Symptoms of Scrupulosity:
  • Believes that religious practice must be 100 percent perfect.
  • Critical of others that are perceived to be sinful. 
  • Believes in a "Check-list" type God. 
  • Overly concerned about keeping every Letter of the Law. 
  • Devout in their outward observances especially in places of Worship
  • Obedient in keeping the rules/commandments out of fear of punishment.
  • Proud of being a member of "The Not Even Once Club"
  • Confesses to every indiscretion.
  • Fears that things are not being done quite the "right way"
  • Believes you earn your love from God. 
  • Overzealous in the need to keep religious tradition.
All of these symptoms could describe perfectly the Pharisees at the time of Christ. They were religious zealots and were scrupulous in following the Law of Moses. Their scrupulosity was so deep that they could not recognize the Savior of the World, the actual giver of the Law of Moses.