Thursday, January 14, 2016


President Russell M. Nelson and his wife spoke from Hawaii on Sunday evening in the first ever worldwide broadcast for "millenials".  It was translated into multiple languages and broadcast to chapels and homes throughout the world. The first talk was given by Sister Wendy W. Nelson. Here is a meme from something she said in her talk:

She then shared a story about President George Q Cannon when he was an impoverished young man. It is recorded in the Elder’s Journal of the Southern States Mission, Volume 3 page 89

"The Late President George Q Cannon was once in a very tight place financially, and he determined to put aside all he could as tithing. One day the Bishop of his ward met him on the street and said: “Brother George, you are paying a pretty good tithing.” No Bishop,” he replied, “ I am not paying the tithing of that which I have received: I am paying the tithing of that which I would like to receive.” And sure enough the next year he had as much income as he had paid tithing on the previous year. "

So correct me if I am wrong, if I  understand the principle from this story if I want to make more money next year, I should pay more tithing this year?  I wonder if I were to start doubling my tithing donations this yeas, I would get a raise (possibly double my salary) next year?