Thursday, July 12, 2012


 This is the 80th blog post. Numbers are very significant, they are symbolic. The number 8 means rebirth and renewal. The number Eight symbolizes a new beginning.  It is the sign of God's convenant.  Jesus was eight days old when he was circumcised. (Luke 2:21). We begin to baptize those who are eight years old. There are many other examples of the importance of the number 8.

It is on this 80th post that I would like to recommend a new blog.
The author is a close friend of mine, and for right now, prefers to remain anonymous.  I have posted the following  writings to me with permission here on this blog:
  • King Noah and His Kingdom: (Part 1-4) 
  • The Prophet Abinadi:  (Part 1-4)
  • Who are You? (The Gentiles)\
The author has now began to write and post on this new blog. You will find the following new posts that I haven't posted here. I would recommend reading them.

  • Untangling the Priesthood
  • The Salt of the Earth
  • I Show unto you the way to judge.

Sidnote: The above photo on the left was taken last night. It is of Lone Peak. The other two are close ups of the summit. The closer you get to the top the whiter the rock appears.