Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I received the following email today from the LDS Church Media Department. I thought some might be interested if you have read the previous post on the auditions/casting call to be in the new video about sharing your testimony about our  "Special Witnesses".


Dear Talent File Participant,

We have received relatively few applications for this project to date.  As such, I would like to invite you, once again, to consider sharing your thoughts about our Special Witnesses as outlined below. 

The due date is this Monday, April 8th.  

The director has requested that you include one more item to your submission video as well. 

Please take another minute to answer this question:  Why is having a living prophet important?

Also, here are some answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions:
(1)    You do not need to be a native English-speaker.  Accents are beautiful and welcome.
(2)    If you are submitting as a native Spanish-speaker, you may submit in your video in either Spanish or English: your choice
.(3)   Please remember to mark your video “Unlisted,” and list the complete URL address in your form.  Do NOT mark your video “Private,” or we will not be able to view it.

Thank you for your continued support of LDS Church Media!