Friday, January 11, 2013


"Behold, I sent you out to testify and warn the people,
and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor".
"Let your preaching be the warning voice, every man to his neighbor,
in mildness and in meekness"
"and lift a warning voice unto the inhabitants of the earth;
and declare both by word and by flight that desolation shall come upon the wicked."

Doctrine and Covenants 88: 81. 38:41, and 63:37.

Testify of what?
Warn people of what?
What does a warning voice in mildness and in meekness sound like?
What is the desolation that will come?
Who are the wicked?

Below is a trailer for the movie, "The Impossible". I think it is very symbolic on many levels. We see a family enjoying a vacation as if all is well,  and yet, like a thief in the night...their reality of their aweful situation blindsides them.
The title of the movie, "Impossible" is interesting. If you take the word IMPOSSIBLE, and add an apostophe between the first two letters which is I'M (Note: an apostrophe looks likes the Hebrew letter, yod. This small letter looks like an arm or a hand reaching down from heaven)..
the word IMPOSSIBLE now reads I'M POSSIBLE.

Yes, Babylon fell. History repeats itself. Babylon will fall again. We, today, are at a worse situation than even ancient Babylon was then – but think these things are not possible because of our pride. What is coming is so sad and it did not have to be this way. But people have made their choices.
"However, The battle we are all called upon to fight is not external. Some people spend their time stirring people up to alarm them about carnal security. They are trying to sell something. There are fortunes being made by proponents of fear. But the audience for such things are only being distracted from a much greater, more immediate battle. Until the internal condition of the individual has been conquered and brought into alignment with heaven, there is no amount of political, social, economic or military security which will matter in the long run.

I think it more advisable to seek for and listen to the Lord, and secondarily those teachers who will convert you to the Lord; rather than any other advice or movement advocated by those promoting causes. Teachers ought to point to Him. Not to themselves. No one but the Lord is coming to rescue you; and no group will be able to overcome error apart from Him. Ultimately the battle we each face is the Lord's. We must cooperate with Him for Him to be able to win it. When He does, however, the victory is ours for we are the ones who He redeems.

The path back to the Lord's presence is an individual one. It is not likely to be accomplished while in an audience. There is no "support group" needed. It is you. What goes on inside you. What you love most. He will one day associate with a group in a city; but that group will be comprised of individuals who have previously met Him."

excerpt from a blogpost written almost exactly one year ago to the day. LINK

I really liked this excerpt from a Letter written by Joseph Smith:

Dear Brethren in Christ, and companions in tribulation:

"Let the elders be exceedingly careful about unnecessarily disturbing and  harrowing up the feelings of the people. Remember, that your business is, to preach the gospel in all humility and meekness, and warn sinners to repent and come to Christ. Avoid contentions and vain disputes with men  of corrupt minds, who do not desire to know the truth. Remember that “it  is a day of warning, and not a day of many words.” If they receive not  your testimony in one place, flee to another, remembering, to cast no reflections, nor throw out any bitter sayings.  If you do your duty, it will  be just as well with you, as though all men embraced the gospel."

Joseph Smith Letter to Brethren Abroad, December 1833 LINK