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Royalty and prominent public figures often commissioned skilled artists to create oil portraits as a means of preserving their image and projecting a sense of power, authority, and prestige. These portraits were displayed in palaces, public spaces and museums. The use of oil paintings for prominent figures  became a symbol of status and self importance.

On the upper floor of the LDS Conference Center across from the Salt Lake Temple is a long hallway and large room where the oil paintings of past Church leaders have always been on display.  I think it was referred to the Hallway of the Prophets. The below photo was taken before President Nelson became the President of the Church.   

However,  all of those painting have now been taken down. Below is a photo of what the Hall of the Prophets looks like today. Empty.

Soon after President Nelson became the Prophet, all of these old paintings were taken down and put into storage. 

Instead, on the main floor of the Conference Center hangs a large oil portraiture of  President Russell M Nelson and the other living apostles. Along side the oil paintings is a large  mural of Jesus Christ and his disciples. 

No longer is there any competing oil paintings of past Church leaders. The new motto that living prophets are more important than dead prophets that we hear now in General Conference come from quotes like this: “unlike vintage comic books and classic cars, prophetic teachings do not become more valuable with age. That is why we should not seek to use the words of past prophets to dismiss the teachings of living prophets"

I think there have been more oil paintings made of President Nelson then any other President of the Church. Here a few photos and the place where they are on display. One hangs in the Church Art Museum, one in the Conference Center, one in the Upper room of the Salt Lake Temple and 


And a few more:


President Nelson's sixth anniversary of being the President of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was last week. Nelson was sustained and set apart as the 17th President and prophet on Sunday, January 14, 2018, in the upper room of the Salt Lake Temple.

Photo of President Nelson with framed photos of his two wives (one deceased) behind him. 

In this week's Church News, there was an "About the Church" new story with the headline:

  "President Russell M. Nelson's sixth anniversary 
as church president and prophet led other chuch leaders to share 
the leadership lessons they've learned from him"

I clicked on the article and read all of the quotes from the Apostles and the General Relief Society Presidency. Below are a few samples of praise they said about President Nelson

"When he walks into a room, that room immediately feels brighter."
President Henry B Eyring

"He is probably the most gentle and kind leader I have ever worked with, realizing that I have worked with among the most gentle and kind men and women on the earth... we treasure in God’s spokesman.”
President Jeffrey R Holland

"President Nelson is the embodiment of the spiritual qualities described by King Benjamin in his teachings about faithful servants. President Nelson knows our Master, even Jesus Christ, is not a stranger to Him."
Elder David A Bednar

"...as bowed his head to pray, all his words were spoken in near perfect Portuguese, not just the grammar but also the native Brazilian accent. The leaders and members there were astonished. The Spirit of the Lord was potent, and many cried with joy.
Elder Neil L Anderson

“President Nelson has prepared himself to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. He knows who presides at the head of this Church. He knows how to receive revelation. He is bold in following the Lord’s direction.”
Elder Ronald A Rasband

“He fearlessly corrected the way we have acquiesced in omitting the full, correct name of the Church"
President Dallin H Oaks

"His leadership is sure and steady because his primary audience is the Lord Jesus Christ. "
Elder Dale G Renlund

"His loving arms are always open, extended, outstretched and encircling to everyone he meets, and he focuses on the goodness in people rather than their shortcomings or weaknesses"
Elder Ulisses Soares


“One of the greatest blessings and privileges of my life has been the opportunity to meet personally with President Nelson. I hope to emulate him in some small measure.”
President Camille N Johnson

"Through the Prophet’s genuine love and belief in me, I have come to know more about the character of my Heavenly Father and Savior and Their love for me. I know Them better and love Them better because of President Nelson."
Sister Kristin M Yee

In my opinion, we’ve gone overboard with our praise and reverence for the church’s prophet. 

According to two researchers working independently (Christian Anderson and Quentin Spencer), mentions of  President Russell M. Nelson occur twice as often as for any previous president of the church. LINK. When speakers mention the current leader’s name as often as the Savior’s, it’s no longer clear just who it is we’re supposed to be worshipping."

Loving the prophet and the apostles more shouldn’t be our goal; loving God is the goal.



Excessive interest in or admiration of oneself.
Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them.