Friday, October 12, 2018


My daughters are currently studying hard for their mid-term exams. One of them has been staying up very late trying to finish an important assignment that is due before her test. Teachers give these assignments to help their students learn important concepts that will help them pass the exam. These assignments can be submitted online but need to be turned in before midnight the day before the test. The assignment is then graded and given back. The students are not able to redo these assignments.  If  potential is seen in the student,  the teacher will provide feedback to help them improve.  Comments and suggestions are given for the student to hopefully consider and implement for the next assignment. 

While not all of us are in school, all of us are given "assignments" in this life. Some are individual assignments and other assignments require an entire group of people to complete.

Recently an assignment was given to a group of people. It was a difficult assignment that took almost 2 years to complete. Time had been far spent and because the students loved and honored their Teacher, the assignment was finally turned in. Almost immediately the Teacher responded back and accepted and approved their assignment.  The Teacher said:

"I accept the statement you have adopted 
and approve it as your statement to be added."

In addition with approval to move forward, the teacher provided much needed feedback to the students. All the students were acknowledged by the Teacher for their contributions in accomplishing the task. The students felt that the Teacher was aware of each of their struggles during the assignment and began to heal and recover for the next assignment. 

Some students began to read different interpretations from others about the response from the Teacher. Some wondered and even questioned if the Lord really did accept the assignment because He didn't say it was "His"... The students forgot that the assignment will always be "ours" because of our need to continue to learn. Doubt set it and a few students thought it wise to begin to redo the assignment...hoping to get a better "grade." Even if the student decide to redo the assignment and turn it in again, the Teacher is not obligated to accept and might even be offended that we didn't take His word for it that is was already approved.

I think it is wise to take under consideration three scenarios.

The task given by the Teacher was never about the assignment.. but to learn for the final exam. Progression is to continue to learn from the past and move forward. A Master Teacher wants His students to progress, not to go back and regress. The past is where you learned the lesson, the future is where you apply the lesson. The Teacher want His students to continue to move forward. 

Proverbs 26:11