Friday, December 20, 2013


In my opinion I feel that time is speeding up as things are starting to wind down on this earth. The above video is a time lapse video that I came across. I have a great appreciation and love for God's Creations. I have heard people who read a great article say, "I wish I had written that"... well, likewise.. "I wish I could have filmed that".  link to youtube video
Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice which marks the shortest daylight period and longest night of the year. Beginning tomorrow, Light begins to conquer Darkness and for the next six months, the days again grow longer as the sun increases and ascends after 6 months of decreasing and descending from the lowest point in the sky.  
In preparing to observe this important day, I hiked up into the mountains a few days ago and took a few photos of the snow. I was able to zoom in with my camera and I could see the intricate detail of the fallen snow. Snowflakes are essentially ice crystals whose shape are determined by the organization the water molecules are in when they freeze. Temperature greatly influences their final form. Snow crystals tend to form simpler shapes when the humidity (supersaturation) is low, while more complex shapes at higher humidities. More adverse conditions create more intricate snowflakes.
It is amazing to see the beauty formed from just one drop of water with two basic elements of hydrogen and oxygen.  Just image if we allow the God, the Creator of all, to shape our lives and become His work and His masterpiece.
May we reflect tomorrow how each of us can increase more Light into our life in the coming days ahead when darkness has been gaining momentum and power.

Sidenote: However, to see some really amazing photographs, a Moscow-based photographer captured dozens of amazing close-ups of snowflakes. See some of these images here: SNOWFLAKES

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