Friday, January 10, 2014


Looks like we are in for a roller coaster ride.

The federal government will recognize marriages performed in Utah after a judge struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban, Attorney General Holder said Friday, noting that the newly-wedded gay couples “should not be asked to endure uncertainty regarding their status” as the legal challenges unfold.

Holder’s announcement comes two days after Utah ordered its state offices not to do anything that would acknowledge the more than 1,000 same-sex marriages performed in the state over a nearly three-week period following a federal judge's decision to strike down the ban on Dec. 20.


and now this  Official statement was just released by the LDS church.

Salt Lake City —

Following recent court actions bearing on same-sex marriage, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles today sent the following instructions and guidance to congregational leaders throughout the United States. Leaders were asked to share this information with their members in appropriate settings.

On December 20, 2013, a federal district judge in Salt Lake City issued an order legalizing same-sex marriage in Utah, striking down century-old state laws and a state constitutional amendment that defined marriage exclusively as between a man and a woman. The United States Supreme Court has put that ruling on hold pending consideration of the issue by an appellate court. During the interval between the district court ruling and the Supreme Court stay, numerous same-sex marriages were performed in Utah. Legal proceedings and legislative action in some other states and countries have given civil recognition to same-sex marriage relationships.

As we face this and other issues of our time, we encourage all to bear in mind our Heavenly Father’s purposes in creating the earth and providing for our mortal birth and experience here as His children. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth"
Genesis 1:27–28).

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

Marriage between a man and a woman was instituted by God and is central to His plan for His children and for the well-being of society. Strong families, guided by a loving mother and father, serve as the fundamental institution for nurturing children, instilling faith, and transmitting to future generations the moral strengths and values that are important to civilization and crucial to eternal salvation.

Changes in the civil law do not, indeed cannot, change the moral law that God has established. God expects us to uphold and keep His commandments regardless of divergent opinions or trends in society. His law of chastity is clear: sexual relations are proper only between a man and a woman who are legally and lawfully wedded as husband and wife. We urge you to review and teach Church members the doctrine contained in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

Just as those who promote same-sex marriage are entitled to civility, the same is true for those who oppose it. The Church insists on its leaders’ and members’ constitutionally protected right to express and advocate religious convictions on marriage, family, and morality free from retaliation or retribution. The Church is also entitled to maintain its standards of moral conduct and good standing for members.

Consistent with our fundamental beliefs, Church officers will not employ their ecclesiastical authority to perform marriages between two people of the same sex, and the Church does not permit its meetinghouses or other properties to be used for ceremonies, receptions, or other activities associated with same-sex marriages. Nevertheless, all visitors are welcome to our chapels and premises so long as they respect our standards of conduct while there.

While these matters will continue to evolve, we affirm that those who avail themselves of laws or court rulings authorizing same-sex marriage should not be treated disrespectfully. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to love and treat all people with kindness and civility—even when we disagree.

As members of the Church, we are responsible to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to illuminate the great blessings that flow from heeding God’s commandments as well as the inevitable consequences of ignoring them. We invite you to pray that people everywhere will have their hearts softened to the truths of the gospel, and that wisdom will be granted to those who are called upon to decide issues critical to society’s future.



Anonymous said...

I like your original title for this post better: "233: Hope?"

Anonymous said...

So when the force of government is used in ways it was never met to be used the people curse themselves. Government will continue to use its force in ways that are beyond its bounds and the people to blame are only ourselves for using force in ways that were outside of right to do so in the first place.

Anonymous said...

so is this revelation or just more policy? is there a difference?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the Church doesn't even believe in or follow or realize their own statements.

For they know divorce and remarriage is against Christ's laws (they have admitted it in General Conference) yet because civil laws have now allowed it, the Church teaches it's ok now and not a sin anymore, The Church even allows remarriage to happen in the temples even though the Church's scriptures say it's adultery.

I think the Church will do the same with SSM and soon be saying the opposite about it too, and soon allow it to happen in their temples just as they do remarriage now, even though that was contrary to their doctrines too at one time.

Same happened with polygamy, the Church did a complete reversal, or at least Brigham Young and & Co. did, from what they originally taught about polygamy.

Anonymous said...

"As members of the Church, we are responsible to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to illuminate the great blessings that flow from heeding God’s commandments as well as the inevitable consequences of ignoring them [its called repentance]. We invite you to pray that people [church leaders] everywhere will have their hearts softened to the truths of the gospel, and that wisdom will be granted to those who are called upon to decide issues critical to [church's] future."

But just don't write a book, cry repentance, and hold up a mirror to the Mormon church itself? Because whatever "evil" practices these wack-ed out government lawyers, judges and politicians might "inflict" will never, ever, couldn't possibly happen in the The Church of MonsonMart, Latter-day McMormons? We HAVE become the very finger of judgment we point.

"While these matters will continue to evolve..." since when did evolution replace revelation? I guess that puts us right in line with the elected primates who have over-spun the Zoo that is DC ... what's next, removing prayer from church, "Holiness to the Lord" from the Temple and adding correlation approved chapters on all things same sex (primary thru SS/GD)? What a circus...

God! this is almost unbareable to watch...

Anonymous said...

You are just one of many clowns in the circus performing their part

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:39 -- ABSOLUTELY!!! you don't know how right you are...and I couldn't be happier in the part I've created :) sorry for the morning grumpy! Thanks for reminding me ... "its just a ride"

Anonymous said...

"'While these matters will continue to evolve...' since when did evolution replace revelation?"

Don't be obtuse. The antecedent of these matters in the letter is clearly the "recent court actions bearing on same-sex marriage" and not the doctrine of the Church.

And the legal situation most definitely will continue to evolve as the 10th circuit hears arguments in the case & then again when whoever loses appeals to SCOTUS for a writ of certiorari.

Annalea said...

I'm glad the church has made it clear that LDS HQ expects kindness and civility, on both sides. We could do with a LOT more of that.

Steve said...

I appreciate the Church's statement

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:27 PM -- I understand. Please forgive me, and allow me the privilege of being another one, of many, along your long path which leads you to the placing of your own robe of charity upon you; quite possibly while still here in mortality :) We all, each day, play the part; one day the abused, another the abuser.

My comment was made in a moment of mortal haste. Specific to the "evolution" comment, I was simply referencing the recent statements made by men / arm of the flesh / church, concerning the priesthood, race, and "revelation". We are all foolish before God. Reconciling who we are there, in the presence of God, with who we are here and creating a greater congruency between the two...maybe I was just projecting my own incongruency. I must need repent, and maybe my need for repentance need not be showcased to the public. Forgive. Love. In the least, I offered you a momentary spec of pride, vanity and comfort knowing that you see things much more clearly than I. Really ... it is all good! Forgive me, and God be with all of us :)