Friday, May 16, 2014


The restoration began with a young boy going into nature, alone, and kneeling in a sacred space. He doesn’t get an audience with the Lord until after he has an audience with the adversary. Thick darkness gathered around him and he seems to be doomed to destruction.

The thick darkness included a battle. He was exposed to the adversary, the enemy of his soul. It most likely was a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual battle.

Moses on the mount had a similar experience of being exposed to the adversary when he had his audience with the Lord.  Lucifer shows up and says Worship me.. and Moses says, Where is your glory?.. you are darkness to me. That probably has nothing to do with whether or not the appearance of Lucifer isn’t attractive or isn’t an image with a countenance that seems pleasant.

In fact, it is quite possible that the appearance of Satan is beautiful and one would say it was a God before you. The reason why Moses says.. you are darkness to me is because, not that Satan looks wretched, but because he is inviting Moses to divert his attention  and wants to deceive him.

I believe that we all will be deceived at some time and have our attention diverted. It happens everyday in this dark world in which we live. In addition to our toxic environment,  we have a tendency as humans to look to others or to an institution for our salvation. While prophets and messengers from the Lord are important and to listen to the divine message, we are not to elevate or place them on a pedestal  And while a divinely established institution is essential, and is basically a large net drawing in all manner of fish. Yes, it is part of what the Lord promised in the last days, however, it can almost become more a hindrance than a help after you have been brought into the net… especially if you are micro managed by the leaders and stop seeking for further light and knowledge.

Addendum: I wanted to share this song that I just heard.

God of mercy sweet love of mine
I have surrendered to Your design
May this offering stretch across the skies
And these Halleluiahs be multiplied


Anonymous said...

Beautiful song--

Thank you. I can add to this that from my personal experiences communing with the righteous divine usually follows a harsh and bitter experience with evil.

There is NOTHING attractive about satan. Nothing.

But as to being deceived, yes, I think that happens to all of us, and it's something that we have to guard against constantly.

R. said...

Nice post D.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

If there was nothing attractive about Satan, he would have no followers. As it is, he's got most of the planet.

If there was nothing attractive about Satan, no one would fall to deception.

imatharris said...

As usual, you are spot on! I always appreciate your insight.

Anonymous said...


I guess we just don't see things the same way. Satan is not attractive; the things he tempts humans with are attractive to the carnal man/woman. Greed, lust, desire for fame cover most of those--

once a person loses the desire for those things and they are no longer attractive to him/her, then--

satan continues to torment in other ways, and he is not attractive.

I think we are using different words to say the same things.

I probably shouldn't have responded; you seem quite settled in your opinion, and I in mine.

hagoth said...

Anon's i think both of you are correct. using the word "Attractive" is an interesting way to look at it, i will admit i hadn't thought of it like that before. it makes me think of beguiling or being sold something that you don't want. I think of Eve in the Garden...but the key to Satan is that he appeals to whatever he thinks will tempt and distract.... there is truth in both of what you are saying. and I appreciate Unknown for his post.


Rob said...

Satan and his tools are pleasing to the flesh: they are delicious to the taste. They seek to flood the flesh, but it is all lies. His appearance is all lies, too.

Eventually, every servant of God realizes that everything this world has to offer---and I mean everything---is darkness to them. It is a sobering realization.