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When my little sister got engaged, she decided that she wanted a summer wedding and have her reception in our backyard. (thanks to the movie, Father of the Bride)  Although my parents tried to discourage her, my sister persisted. My parents knew that our yard and home were not ready to host an outdoor reception and would require alot of work. In the months leading up to the wedding, every weekend was spent preparing our home and yard. Planting, raking, pruning, painting, digging, moving, weeding. The wedding day finally came and the weather forecast did not look good. Alternate plans were put into place for moving the reception indoors. My sister thought.. how could this happen? We spent so much time getting our home ready for this wedding and now it is going to rain? Didn't the Lord hear our prayers? Was the inclement weather a sign that we did not have heaven's blessing? While it rained the day of her wedding, by the time the reception started, the storm had passed. Coincidence or Divine intervention?

 I don't necessarily believe that things in nature, like the weather, is always a sign from God. Storms are a natural part of this world. They happen all the time and it rains on the just  and the unjust. (Matthew 5:45) Everyone at one time or another has had "rain" on their parades. That being said, when things happen in nature that are unusual, I do take notice.

 I took notice of this: The National Weather Service announced a 3 day WINTER WEATHER WARNING for the Grand Mesa area in Colorado. The warning starts today and goes through Sunday. Winter warnings are not unusual for Colorado, however, in the middle of the May.. it is unusual. And to have a Winter Warning last for 3 days is also unusual. Here is the report.

Active Advisory: Winter Storm Warning Active Notice: Public Information Statement

I wouldn't normally post something like this, but thought it might be important for some to take notice of this. 

It is quite possible that this weekend's weather in Western Colorado, primarily near the Grand Mesa is just a coincidence,  or it could be divine intervention, or it could be an opportunity for those who feel they have received Divine approval to use their faith to control the elements. We tend to interpret the signs to fit our own paradigm and I will allow the  reader to make that decision for themselves.


Mariah said...

Increasingly extreme / anomalous weather events?
Coincidence? Divine intervention?
Or human arrogance?!!
> as in geoengineering;*
> as in "seeing we see not" all those chemtrails--NO, not contrails--CHEMTRAILS in the sky;
> as in "hearing we hear not" the witness of Dane Wigington* and hundreds of others;
> as in the "complicit silence" of weather channels and the con of "snow mould"** to camouflage the proliferating chem-webs and chemical sky-dumping that are "inexplicably" sickening (on the way to killing) plants, insects, fish, birds, animals, and humans;
> and this is not even to mention the exacerbating effects of HAARP and EMPulsing.

There is much more going on "in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days," than food frauds (DandC 89:4). Weather has also become a secret weapon. Extreme weather events are becoming a norm of devastation.***
* see ; See also YouTube on geoengineering: e.g., David Lim, March (1:23:55 min.) ; Dane Wigington at min.), etc.
*** For example:

R. said...



Anonymous said...

A winter storm warning in mid May? That's odd. One could make the argument that the gathering or reunion thing to be had there produced a warning that it was "out of season", or at the wrong time according to natures natural times and seasons.

LJn said...

And do you know the incredible thing? The snow that fell on the Mesa was about an inch. At one point, the sun came out and warmed things up.

There was some light rain during the activities but, as far as I know, it never rained nor snowed during any outdoor activity.

The weather was truly a miracle in light of the storm warning. For myself, I wondered if it was similar to what happened in Arizona during the time of the 10th lecture when the area was baptized previous to Denver speaking. But not to cleanse the area. Rather to weed out those who were not sure they really wanted to attend.

For myself, I wanted to back out. I'm not fond of freeways in the first place. I am less fond of ice and snow, and chancing freezing or chancing having accidents. But my daughter told me I *had* to go; I wasn't backing out. Her motive? I had promised her that we would stop off and visit some of her friends on Sunday (leaving early, thus missing the Sunday events - but, without her, I may not have gone at all. I may have chickened out because of the weather).

Attending showed me that there had been absolutely nothing to fear. Some people expressed beliefs in things I disagree with (who heavenly Mother is, for example) but not anything an ordinary Zion-seeking human couldn't accept as "they can believe as they wish. It won't hurt me to allow others the freedom to be, to believe, and to make decisions for themselves."

There was no rushing into the pass that I saw. Only worship and an attempt to draw closer to the Lord and some people shared the knowledge they had or thought they had. (If we are close to God, that would not be a difficult thing to accept.)

Like I said in my comment under the last post, I "reported" on my blog. I was honest about how I perceived it to be.

Here is the link again:

I hope the post helps some people gain a little understanding and lose a little fear.


LJn said...

"Rather to weed out those who were not sure they really wanted to attend." And to give those who feared a reason to continue fearing, and to offer them a chance to point fingers and say, "See? God is giving signs that this is a BAD thing."

God does not make it easy for us. He lets us have our fears if we want them. He offers and it is up to us to see if we will trust Him enough to allow Him to step in if we screw up (am I there yet? No. Absolutely not. I attended, still skeptical, still *not* trusting what was going to happen. But God wanted me there. He had a promise He intended to offer me through a servant authorized by *Him*).

Unknown said...

If you talk to those who had actually had the faith to go up the will see sunburn faces and hearts full of joy....Testimony meeting was at 2:30...and at 2:25 the skies broke and the sun came out...we had some flurries here and there...overall it was magical, it was spiritual, it was power....God smiled on us and He had mercy on our weakness...He is the miracle....and this winter storm warning was used by him to filter out the fearful...God be praised, it was a moment in time I will never forget....There really is hope for Zion, but only if we make Him, The MASTER OF THE STORM.....

Lance said...

I can only speak for myself on my decision not to attend. However, I can assure you that my decision not to attend was not based in fear. Rather, I read the announcement and invitation from the event organizers and it did not speak to me spiritually. I also felt the invitation was spiritually manipulative- and false - in presenting a written "revelation" from the Lord about gathering for the event.
So, I chose to stay behind even though I love and respect so many of the participants who attended and are reporting that it was a wonderful event.

AA said...

So did anybody get god's approval to mess with the weather?

Anonymous said...

And the Israelites refused to go up the mountain to commune with God directly because the storms were too bad. For that, they received the lesser law and the lesser priesthood. Though the weather report was ominous for the Mesa over the weekend, we went anyway. Storms have always been used historically as signs of God's power (Noah and the Arc, Moses and the Isaelites, Christ calming the storm, the storms at the crucifixion, the storms in America at the crucifixion, etc). Though we had a 12 hour drive each way, with all 6 of our children, God told us to go. So we did. And we witnessed the clouds part and the sun emerge as the testifying began. And Sunday morning's services were accompanied by 70 degree weather and beautiful sunshine. For those who "weathered the storm", we were blessed by the Lord and fed by His Spirit.

LJn said...

I believe you, Lance. I believe there were many who chose not to go, but not out of fear. My response was to the blog post - and I wondered if I had an unwitting hand in it because of my post on the forum about the weather report. It had frightened me enough that I was tempted to back out. With strong encouragement from my daughter (who doesn't even believe this stuff), I decided to begin traveling and to play it by ear.