Friday, February 7, 2020

2020. 02.07 - What BYU WILL and WILL NOT accommodate

Next month BYU will be begin hosting some of the biggest events they hold on their campus all year. The first event is the National Ballroom Dance Competition. Every March, thousands and thousands of spectators, along with 26 national judges fill the Marriott Center to watch over 3,000 registered couples and teams vie for National Championship of Ballroom Dancing.  The second event is the annual Women's Conference, which is largest two-day gathering of LDS women anywhere in the world.

It might surprise members of the Church to find out who BYU is allowing to participate and who are not welcome to attend. 

"Nursing mothers cannot be accommodated at BYU Women's conference."

Here is the link to the BYU website where is explicitly states that mothers are not allowed to bring their nursing babies to any of the events. What is interesting is that teenage boys 17 and older ARE allowed to attend. I don't know which one can be more disruptive.. a sleeping baby or a teenage boy playing on his cellphone. 


"BYU will allow same-sex dancing at annual competition."

The event will be historic for the conservative college, which is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To host the coveted showcase, which it has every year since at least 1997, BYU was required to lift its ban keeping same-sex couples from competing this spring. 

Here is the link:


Anonymous said...

Infants and young children cannot be accomodated in:
-Session rooms
-Marriot center
-Marriot center councourses
-Evening service events
-Evenning cultural events

You'd think an LDS Womens Conference would be a little more accomodating of women who have young kids or nursing babies. I wonder if it has always been this way or if these rules are getting more strict? They seem slightly at odds with a womens conference.

By contrast here's what another speaker at a large conference type event had to say about kids and infants:

"Well, I've enjoyed everything that I've seen and heard in this conference. There was a mom who had a little baby a couple rows in front of us during the opening prayer, and the baby, during the prayer, lost all patience with the length of our opening prayer and began to offer a petition of her own. And I really enjoyed that! And to my dismay, mom got up and took the child out. I was trying to figure out what the child was praying for ‘cuz I was thinking, “I might want some of that too, if I could….” Babies don't have words yet; they have noises. And a lot of time the noise sounds like a cry when, in fact, they could be communicating phenomenal things to us, their tongues not being loosed for our sake because if we heard what they had to say—

Perhaps they're announcing the judgment of angels upon our poor assembly. Perhaps they're celebrating in what way they can. I love it when the kids are around, and that noise, to me, is a delight, not an irritant"

Anonymous said...

I recall running across a blog a couple of years ago that had the following predictions regarding signs of the second coming.

The first was that the pressure on the church by governments to perform homosexual sealings in temples would become so intense that the church would simply close the temples.

That would be followed a short time later (my recollection is a year or so) the church would reopen the temples after performing a homosexual sealing. This event was a sign that the second coming was very near.

I wish I could find that blog again because I've felt for some time that this is, indeed, the direction the church is headed. I recall that the writer of the blog was an excommunicated member. Regardless, what he wrote rang true at the time. I hope he is wrong, but I'm guessing that he is not.

Anonymous said...

My guess? BYU is slowly becoming more "progressive", and, let's face it, women who have children are a joke, but a CAREER woman...she is to be celebrated.

It's a sad state of affairs if you ask me, but I'm a man and am probably wrong just because of that alone. :-/

OpenMind said...

This post should be two different posts as these two things have absolutely not one thing to do with each other.

I'll not comment on topic 1, what BYU "doesn't allow".

As far as what they do allow:

I, as a happily married heterosexual man (who happens to be married to my "soul mate"), would have to be a whiny biatch, without natural affection, spoiled, entitled, and totally ignorant of everything Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated in His mortal life if I were to complain about other human beings who are different than me being treated equal with me and allowed to do the same things I am allowed to do. Things that in no way affect me other than being an opportunity for me to be happy for others and make sure they understand I view them as equal to me and that I don't feel above them in my blind ignorance and arrogance.

People actually think equality is the reason the world is in such a horrible state that the Lord must return soon because He cannot tolerate acceptance and love of people He died to save?

People getting bent out of shape because some of our brothers and sisters are allowed to dance with someone they love and equating that with end of times wickedness is precisely what makes me think the Lord can no longer tolerate what we have become. If anyone can complain about something that brings joy to others and that literally does not affect them in any way, the ability to live together with anyone in peace is surely not possible.

I'll also end with the mocking and ridiculous sign off as above:

"But I'm a man and am probably wrong just because of that alone" -Utter nonsense

Anonymous said...

Only people who are ignorant and thoroughly brainwashed in worldly ways can describe homosexuality thus: "something that brings joy to others and that literally does not affect them in any way." And yes, two men doing a ballroom partner dance together is a facet of homosexuality. Also, wickedness never was happiness/joy. Some people are so "open minded" that they can't see that narrow is the way to God, even when they invoke His name to justify their own views. I expect that as our society continues to decay around us, there will be people who will say with their last breath that all is well as long as we are tolerant.