Monday, September 5, 2022


I came across an interesting article that featured people’s best attempts at replicating famous works of Classic Art. The article was called, 50 Times People Tried to Recreate Famous Artworks and Nailed it 
Below are a few examples:

Although not part of the article, the below image of President Nelson was featured in the cover story in last week's Church News about the rededication of the Washington DC Temple. While maybe not intentional, the iconic pose definitely could have been included in the above article of recreating a famous piece of artwork. President's Nelson stance and outstretched arms are identical to the artwork of the famous Thorvaldsen statue of the Christus now used as the new logo for the Church. 

The photo and the logo were on adjacent pages in the Church News. 
Hard not to see the subliminal message. 


Anonymous said...

The imagery of RMN in that pose (to me) is just one more evidence of his self-importance. The 2018 interview where his wife says he FINALLY can do what he always wanted to do had others gushing, but in me her words set off alarms. His using SLTemple granite for his inordinately massive headstone made me cringe. Now a pose as though he's the Lord's gift to the world? This is why he's the first president of the church I can barely sustain. What is wrong with me?

aredesuyo said...

He's the first church president in my lifetime (over 40 years) who I have heard actually refer to himself as a prophet.

Anonymous said...

He is the first Church President that I believe is a true narcissist.

Anonymous said...

It fits seeing as how that Christus statue is really just a slightly reworked image of Jupiter. Notice that he is a towering giant, bare chested, arms outstretched. It was patterned after similar Roman works. Jupiter is, of course, one of the incarnations of the Pagan sun-god. Some of his other names are Nimrod, Osiris, and Zeus. In reality, he's Lucifer.

Yes, I'm implying that the Christus statue adored by devout Mormons is a dumb idol of a pagan God. It's not Jesus.

Nelson is simply showing you who he actually worships.

Anonymous said...

^^ True comment.

Anonymous said...

Then to put it under the Arch of Baal. Unveiled by President Nelson April 4 2020.

"Arch from the Temple of Baal in DC: Coincidence or Pagan Invitation? | CBN News"