Thursday, September 8, 2022




Anonymous said...

I have a lot of gripes about the Modern LDS church and this is certainly one of them. The scriptures have very little good to say about fine clothing and plenty of condemnation towards it. Yet, those warnings are ignored or rationalized away. "I want to look my best for Jesus." they say. "I want to feel good about myself just one day a week," I'm told.

None of this is scriptural. Why would the most humble being in existence be swayed by a suit-coat and tie? It's so narcissistic it makes me nauseous. The greatest of God's prophets lived in the desert, wore camel hide, and ate bugs. That should speak volumes about what God finds important.

Man's traditions truly do damn him.

John Peterson said...

If Hugh Nibley had been born after 1960 and was born into the LDS Church there are two options for her religious experience in 2022.

1. He is excommunicated from the Mormon church for daring to use the scriptures to point out the church increasing flaws.

2. He resigns from the LDS church out of frustration that it is not following the Savior.

John Scott Peterson