Monday, January 9, 2023


In October 2018, President Nelson announced a change to the 3 hour block for Church. For decades and decades since 1980, members would attend Sacrament meeting, Sunday School, then Priesthood and Relief Society. Every meeting began and ended with prayer. 

All of that was changed once President Nelson became prophet. Not only were our meetings reduced down to 2 hours, but we also were told to eliminate having a prayer and a hymn to begin the second hour of church. Even though the Sacrament Meeting began and ended with prayer, once the second block of church began, the teacher was to just begin teaching without having an open prayer and/or hymn. When this was announced, there was no reason given for the elimination. It wasn't due to time constraints since we gained an extra 10 minutes for that second hour.

However, the Church just announced another reversal to a previous decision made by President Nelson. Here is the headline:

Beginning immediately, Sunday School, Elders Quorum, Relief Society, Aaronic Priesthood quorum and Young Women are to start with opening prayer

From the article:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is reinstating the practice of opening the second hour of Sunday meetings with a prayer, effective immediately. 

It reverses a change announced in 2018, when the Church implemented a new and simplified Sunday meeting schedule. At the time, direction was given that Sunday School, elders quorum, Relief Society, Aaronic Priesthood quorum and Young Women classes would no longer open with a hymn and prayer but would continue to conclude with a closing prayer (see enclosure to the First Presidency letter dated October 6, 2018).

The announced also includes the requirements for the prayers to be given. Prayers should be brief and simple and include the pronouns, Thee, Thy, Thine, and Thou.  The full article of instruction can be read here from the official Church newsroom article. Church Reinstates Opening Prayers in Sunday Second-Hour Meetings

Another change:

Different from previous years, print copies of “Come, Follow Me — For Individuals and Families” will no longer be sent to units free of charge. Members will need to order and buy their own copies  at They are about 4 dollars each. However, some wards might pay the bill for their ward members out of their yearly budget. 

The good news is that in case members can't afford to buy a new manual, they can still use the old 2019 "Come Follow Me" manual. A notice was send to all ward and stake leaders stating that "print copies of the 2019 manuals may be used, though the dates on each outline would need to change to align with the 2023 calendar." 

Basically, we will be studying the exact same scriptures and quotes from four years ago. The updated changes include a new cover and a different font with the different dates to reflect the 2023 calendar.

Here is the content outline from the 2019 manual and the new 2023 manual. 


For those who still have the 2019 manual, I think it is interesting to see that on the instead of the cover the copyright dates for the 2019 Come Follow Me manual for the English version was in February 2017. The reason why I think this is interesting is that President Nelson didn't become the President until 2018. However, the Come Follow Me study program of Home Church has been used as an example of his Prophetic abilities to foresee the future even though this Come Follow Me program was well underway and completed in English while President Monson was the Prophet. 


Anonymous said...

I just have to laugh at how the LDS institution can ask it's member for tithing so it can print books and manuals and then ask the members to pay for the books and manuals that they paid for in the first place. Members paying twice. How genius is that?!

Jim Chase

Jeffrey Richardson said...

^ +1

Anonymous said...

The church continues to find ways to wrap their arms around their 100 billion worth so they can invest it in land, buildings and their gain. The scriptures teach to invest our tithing and gains in people. That would even be spiritual by supplying a manual to its members. I also find it interesting that members will pay for their own child’s mission. Adult couples sacrifice and go on missions and pay for their own living expenses as well as continue to pay for the house mortgage for the house sitting at home while they are on their mission. In contrary, the brethren are paid over $100 thousand dollars a years salary to maintain their lives as they serve. That’s not sacrifice and service, that is a job. The temple tells us to sacrifice our time, talents and money to the Lords work.

Anonymous said...

I think you're seeing a great example of "rules for thee and not for me" within the church.

Anonymous said...

The earthquake of 2021 caved in the tunnels under the SLC Temple. The whole interior fell in and even the murals could not be salvaged. It's a secret and I found out about it from some random newspaper articles none of which are from Utah. So the "brethren" quickly put scaffold around the outside to support the walls before they fell down, too.

Maybe a symbol of where the church,leaders and members are. Great outside wall with the interior totally ruined.

Nelson made a remark in GC, and insider joke, that the new remodel would be earthquake proof.

Perhaps the buildings that you mentioned around the temple are also damaged. I didn't know about them but I'll have to do some digging and inquiries.

So sad and I did feel that it indicated the Lord's hand and warnings.