Friday, September 22, 2023

THE DESTINY OF AMERICA - American Citizenship and it's Decline

This has been a big week with significant days that have been important to observe. 
  • The Fall Equinox
  • The 200 year anniversary of the first Angelic Visit to Joseph Smith that led to the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon 
  • The Jewish Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah
  • National Constitutional Day. 
To observe these important days, I went hiking up to Honeycomb Cliffs with two friends. The three of us hiked for over 7 hours. It was the first time that we did not reach the summit before sunrise. However the clouds covered the sun until we reached the top. At our ascent, the sun shined through the clouds.

It was a great hike. Probably one of my most memorable. 
I post this today only so that I have a record of when this hike happened. 


Last Sunday on September 17, 2023 was National Constitutional Day. Our Stake Presidency sent an email all to the members of our stake with the following direction from the Utah Area Presidency in how we should observe that day. Here is an excerpt of the email:
"During our sacrament meetings on Sunday, September 17th, each ward will be having at least a portion of their meetings focused on "God's hand in the origin and destiny of America."

The Utah Area Presidency also provided a list of ideas and suggestions for families and individuals to consider such as having a family home evening and read and discuss the booklet "Why I Love America" which can be found at
While I think it is great that we fly the American Flag, Read and Study the Constitution, and talk about  why we believe that God's hand is in the origin of our country... it doesnt not mean that we currently have His favor and that He is happy with how things are going. I think a Sacrament Talk given by a man like Victor Davis Hansen would be so great for LDS Wards to hear around the country.  See below link to the official trailer of American Citizenship and Its Decline.

Last Sunday was the last day of Rosh Hashanah, This fall Jewish holy day is also called Feast of the Trumpets. Rosh Hashanah ushers in the Ten Days of Repentance which culminate in the major fast of Yom Kippur, or The Day of Atonement. This is the time which we are to repent for both our individual — and on Yom Kippur, our communal — sins committed over the course of the previous year, before God literally closes the books on us and inscribes our fates for the coming year. 

On that Sunday, a book was publicly presented and released. It is now made available to the public. LINK TO AMAZON  It is an important book.  Sobering.. just like entire The Book of Mormon. A warning to us all. 

Happy Fall Equinox.

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