Thursday, October 23, 2014


The LDS Church has been posting on it's website carefully worded essays about touchy topics that have caused some members to question their faith after researching and/or hearing about controversial issues. Many of the younger generation are learning for the first time about such topics like polygamy, multiple first vision accounts, and blacks denied the priesthood. This information has caused some to question and/or leave the Church. These essays have been written by scholars aimed at helping these members to better understand these difficult theological and historical issues surrounding our faith. The scholarly postings appear on under the heading "Teachings" and then under "Gospel Topics".

A memo dated Sept. 9 from the church’s "Priesthood Department" to "General Authorities; Area Seventies; Stake, Mission, and District Presidents; Bishops and Branch Presidents" explains the purpose of for the controversial articles.

"The purpose of the Gospel Topics section is to provide accurate and transparent information on church history and doctrine within the framework of faith," the memo said. "When church members have questions regarding [LDS] history and doctrine, possibly arising when detractors spread misinformation and doubt, you may want to direct their attention to these resources."

Here is list with the links to each of these essays:

Are Mormon’s Christian?

Becoming Like God

First Vision Accounts

Race and the Priesthood

Plural Marriage in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Peace and Violence among 19th –Century Latter-day Saints

Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham

Book of Mormon and DNA Studies

Book of Mormon Translation

Temple Garments

The Manifesto and the End of Plural Marriage

Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo

Sidenote:  Too much transparency?

This week a new video on the Temple Garment was produced and posted on the Church's website as part of the essays on Temple Garments. I was surprised to see images, photos, and panning footage of our sacred temple clothing and garments. Some have been excommunicated for exposing this information in the past.

I wonder what the reaction would be if a Relief Society teacher displayed as her centerpiece all of the Temple clothing and Temple Garments as part of her lesson on the Temple. I think most would think that was inappropriate... even if she was displaying them in a Church building in front of members of the Church. If a table display as part of a Relief Society lesson would be deemed inappropriate, how is creating a news release with video footage for the entire, uninitiated world to see any different?


Chase said...

Wow. I can't believe they showed robes and garments. That seems like a pretty big step to take in an effort to get people to stop calling garments "magic underwear." I've never had simple explanations fail to satisfy any who have asked me about it, so I don't know why we need a video with full disclosure to do the same thing as me just telling a friend that the garment is symbolic and a reminder of promises made to God. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I began reading some of the links you provided and then I googled polygamy and I became extremely distressed. A website entitled the Mormon curtain appeared ... I understand now why there is such a huge apostasy happening ... until we are truly honest about our history ... and not whitewashing any of it, even Joseph Smith, then the apostasy will continue and people's faith destroyed. I have come to realize that truth is elusive, but I still believe in God and Jesus Christ.

Rebecca said...

The "saints" are supposed to be a peculiar people who will be persecuted...according to scripture. So why is the church taking measures to appease the curiosity of the world and avoid the persecution? Are we more concerned with what man thinks than what God thinks of us? I'm deeply concerned about the sacredness of our temple clothing being revealed.

People have been curious about what goes on in the Mormon temples for decades...and there has always been those who have made false assumptions about the sacred ceremonies (usually because of misguided/second-hand information). So my question is...Why now?

I wonder how our local leaders will answer these questions? Do you think they've already been told how to respond? I'm sure I'm not the only member who is going to have questions about this.

Thanks for posting barerecordoftruth.
RLS, Arizona

Anonymous said...

Here I will persecute you so you can feel righteous, like you are a peculiar follower and on the right path.


Is that a flaming sword or are you just happy to see me?

Ok now cry to God about the hardship of being so weird.

You know maybe we can cast lots every few days and take turns persecuting each other so we can feel more righteous and weirder than our brother and sisters that want to appease the world. We can meet at temple square and cast the lots there and afterwards for a charity project we can mock people shopping at City Creek so we can make them feel more righteous because of our persecution. All in favor please raise your right arm to the square and say yes. That will do.

What time should we meet at Temple Square?

Anonymous said...

Unknown this one is for you LINK

Anonymous said...

Here are the dates of the essays:

Are Mormons Christian? (Nov-2013)

First Vision Accounts (20-Nov-2013)

Race and the Priesthood (06-Dec-2013)

Plural Marriage and Families in Early Utah (17-Dec-2013)

Book of Mormon Translation (30-Dec-2013)

Book of Mormon and DNA Studies (31-Jan-2014)

Becoming Like God (aka "Deification") (25-Feb-2014)

Noah (22-Mar-2014)

Same-Sex Marriage (22-Mar-2014)

Peace and Violence among 19th-Century Latter-day Saints (13-May-2014)

Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham (aka "Book of Abraham") (08-July-2014)

Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo (22-October-2014)

The Manifesto and the End of Plural Marriage (22-October-2014)

1 said...

Polygamy is a false doctrine absolutely condemned in the Book of Mormon which contains the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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