Wednesday, September 21, 2016


It is a marriage with the sacred and the secular. Quite the odd couple in my opinion.  Build a temple along with shopping malls and luxury apartments?

The Philadelphia Temple was dedicated a few days ago and if you can afford $2,500.00 dollars in rent each month you can live across the street and the Church can be your landlord. The Alexander is a newest high rise apartment structure that the Church has built and it is billed as a 'luxury' building complete with an indoor pool, exercise room and other amenities. A two-bedroom apartment will run about $2,500 per month, which is the going rate for such in the neighborhood now. The first two stories will feature shops such as boutiques and bakeries, drugstores and dry cleaners. It looks a lot like City Creek 2.0.

Architecture Rendering

Here is a 3D model animation of the Temple and the High Rise Building that will house shopping and luxury apartments.

Above is a photo of President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency, crossing the street near the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple on September 17, 2016. Instead of playing a Mormon Monopoly game,  why aren't we housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked?


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Vaughn Hughes said...

Watching the video was really helpful in getting a better feel for the layout of the area. Pulling it up on a map helped even more. The new high rise building of luxury apartments will be literally due east of the spire with the angelic statue. If it will be as Matthew 24:27 describes at the Second Coming, this temple will literally be completely obscured from that light. The residents on the east side of the tower will have a great (if very brief) view.

Brian said...

you should read this post for an answer to your final question:

Financial income from the for profit goes back to cover cost of things like building temples and helping the poor.

Also, thanks for sharing my video, I always appreciate when other share my work!